Chocolate-Orange Turkey Pop!


chocolate orange turkey

Dear Diary,

Coming up with creative, healthy and delicious treats for the holidays is not always easy… and this one was a doozy.  Sometimes you’re just married to an idea and determined to make it happen… like these chocolate-orange turkey pops for thanksgiving!  Late last week, during a lull in my work day, I was glancing at pinterest for some Thanksgiving Inspiration.  And I have to say, I’ve never seen Turkeys look so cute!  While the turkey presentations impressed… I still felt like I was in need of a unique recipe with few ingredients and a healthy twist!

As much as I’d like to say I will eat everything in moderation this thanksgiving, I have a feeling that common sense will go right out the window when I’m at the dinner table… Let’s get real, I am probably going to eat my body weight in potatoes, stuffing and gravy… but hey, thanksgiving is only once a year right?!  So I’ll try a healthier twist on a dessert whenever I can this season.

Here is what I came up with! … These turkeys are festive, sweet, and only require 4 ingredients.

Here’s what you do:

First you need a candy mold.  Where can you get it?!  You can get it at most craft stores as well as cooking stores… they’re super cheap and they come in all different mold styles.

Next– melt organic dark chocolate chips in a sauce pan and add an equal amount of orange juice.  Mix together until well blended, and feel free to add even more orange juice for some real tang in flavor!  Next add the zest of an orange for texture.

Once fully combined, pour into the molds and freeze.

Finally once frozen, attach clementines to the back of the pops with frosting or left over melted chocolate

The last special touch is to use frosting to create the face– adding chocolate chips as eyes!  And viola– your healthier turkey treat is complete!

unique and healthy turkey pop

Happy Thanksgiving SFGs!

Will you try this treat this treat on Thanksgiving?!  Let us know!

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DIY – Ribbons, Ribbons & Ribbons!



Skinny Fat Girl Diary  POPPY jack SHOP  Calligraphy Night - 66

Dear Diary,

We love all the light pastel decorating décor popping up in photo shoots – like Kourtney Kardashian’s nursery with gold, pink and white tassels! Just stop it, so cute! We are obsessed with the girlie décor trend! However, we wanted to put a little bit of a different take on tassels and needed a decoration with more volume. We headed to the ribbon aisle at our favorite craft store and couldn’t contain ourselves…$100 dollars later we ended up with six spools of ribbon and lots of enthusiasm. A couple hours and some mimosas, this knotted ribbon décor was crafted and we looovvvveee it.

Perfect for any event, it’s simple and can really add that much needed detail. Here’s a couple tips we picked up when making ours.

1. You want to have at least 5 different color ribbons, and use different types of fabrics – it adds more texture.

Skinny Fat Girl Diary  POPPY jack SHOP  Calligraphy Night - 15

2. Measure the area you want to hang the décor, and cut the yarn several inches longer. You want to make sure you have enough yarn on each side to hang it.

Skinny Fat Girl Diary  POPPY jack SHOP  Calligraphy Night - 19

3. When tying on the ribbons -tie two ribbons on a time, followed by three ribbons, then one ribbon, it will variation to the end result…! Also cut the ribbons different lengths.

Skinny Fat Girl Diary  POPPY jack SHOP  Calligraphy Night - 24

Calligraphy night ribbions

It takes some time, so grab some girlfriends, champagne and make it a night. It’s worth it.



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Festive & Healthy Granola Bars


goji berry granola bar SFG Diary

Dear Diary,

My kitchen smells like the holidays: sweet, warm and welcoming… All thanks to these granola bars!  It was the perfect Sunday afternoon… the weather is finally starting to cool here in Los Angeles, and it was the kind of day where all you want to do is snuggle up on the couch and bake something deliciously sweet.  But then my conscious kicked in…  my week had been filled with birthday parties and celebratory dinners that included tons of butter, cheese cake, and chocolate.  Baking?  Probably not the best idea… But then I thought, what could I make that was healthy, delicious and productive for an upcoming work week full of stress?  These healthy granola bars were my answer!  This healthy snack is the perfect boost I need during a busy week… a perfect treat for the girl on the go this holiday season!

healthy granola bar

Check it out– these granola bars have no added sugar…

Here’s what you need:

* 2 cups of oats

* sunflower oil ( 2 tbsp)

* 1 cup of sliced almonds

* 1 cup of shredded coconut

* 3 tbsp of coconut oil

* 2/3 cup honey

* 1.5 tsp vanilla

* 1/4 salt

* 1/2 cup chopped pitted dates

* 1/2 cup dried goji berries

(early studies have shown goji berries to benefit one’s mental well-being, stress level, and quality of sleep)

granola bar homemade

Here’s what you do:

* On a bake pan, drizzle 1 tbsp of sunflower oil and then add a mixture of the oats, coconut and almonds.  Place in a 350 degree oven and toast for 8-10 minutes

* Once lightly browned, put mixture in a big bowl and add the goji berries and dates

* In a small sauce pan boil the honey (make sure to buy a no sugar added honey), coconut oil, salt, and vanilla extract

* When the mixture comes to a boil add it to the big bowl and stir all together until well-combined

* Pour the mixture into a pan (use 1 tbsp of sunflower oil to create a non-stick surface) and press the mixture evenly into the pan.  Then cook in a 350 degree oven for 25-30 minutes until golden brown.

* Let cool– wait 2-3 hours before cutting into the squares… has anyone ever told you patience is a virtue?!

… Well good things come to those who wait!  When these babies are done you’ll have a delicious, home-made, non-processed, HEALTHY snack to enjoy all week long!!!!

SFG DIARY granola bar

Will you try this recipe?  What other dried fruit would you like in your granola?  Let  us know!

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DIY – Marshmallow Ballerina Edible Table Decor


Dear Diary,

We spent all weekend crafting for our Monday calligraphy event with POPPYjack SHOP we apologize for not blogging sooner! Between the flowermart and mega craft stores; aisles and aisles of ribbons, glitter and holiday décor. We fell into the DIY rabbit hole and couldn’t get out…! It was time well spent though, we got real crafty.

When it comes to decorating for an event, we are all about bending the rules. Who hasn’t heard, “don’t play with your food?”  Well, we say play and keep playing – food in an inexpensive way to create colorful décor. Remember the pineapple flower vase and the  watermelon stars…? Well, this time we wanted to add a pop of color to our appetizer table and capture the spirit of The SFG Diary. Dancing marshmallow ballerinas seemed so fitting for who we are… I mean, decorations you can eat after the event ends, yes please!

Skinny Fat Girl Diary  POPPY jack SHOP  Calligraphy Night - 03Here’s what you need:

  • Marshmallows
  • Paper Straws
  • Honey or Agave
  • Hole Puncher
  • Sugar Sprinkles
  • Paint brush
  • Mini cupcake holders
  • Moss
  • Styrofoam block
  • Garden Box

Skinny Fat Girl Diary  POPPY jack SHOP  Calligraphy Night - 01
First, place the straw in the middle of the marshmallow, then paint the honey or agave around the marshmallow or on the top of the marshmallow, and roll in the sugar sprinkles. Feel free to get creative with this!

Skinny Fat Girl Diary  POPPY jack SHOP  Calligraphy Night - 04

Next, punch a hole in the middle of the mini cupcake holders and push towards the top of the straw… We also put a little honey on the end of the marshmallows to make the ”skirt” stick.


Then, place the completed dancing mallows into the Styrofoam block.

Skinny Fat Girl Diary  POPPY jack SHOP  Calligraphy Night - 16


Then, we added a little moss – to make it look they were dancing in the garden, while no one was watching :)

4Y5A8079.jpg 4Y5A8072.jpg


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Calligraphy Night with POPPYjack SHOP


Dear Diary,

Y’all know we love to craft, eat and host! So when we get the opportunity to do all three at once we’re all for it! Especially when it’s an intimate group of truly talented, inspiring girls!

We teamed up with POPPYjack SHOP (our FAV calligraphy girl) to put on a night of calligraphy and crafts at Val’s place just in time for the holidays. We figured we’d be doing our own custom cards and wrapping paper by Thanksgiving… Let’s just say we’ll leave it to the professionals on that. As creative as we all are, this is an art form that doesn’t come so naturally. To us at least… Courtney, (our teacher – POPPYjack SHOP) made every loop and letter look so effortlessly easy and perfect, ours started out looking like a combination of a 9 year olds penmanship mixed with serial killer scratch notes… But seriously, how did people pen letters with feathers back in the day?! It’s beyond us! Thank goodness we have our go-to girl to the rescue!

4Y5A8097.jpg 4Y5A8094.jpg

The spread!

And yes, that is a jello mold! And before you go judging us, Lauren insisted. It’s her family’s traditional “jello salad” recipe, layering pretzels, cream cheese and strawberry jello. We all cringed a little and then were pleasantly surprised that it was actually quite delicious! Jello gets a bad rap…

Tutorial on our dancing ballerina marshmallows here! We all agreed they’d be perfect for a baby shower :)

Create your own POPCORN STATION!

Flavors: Garlic Parsley, Vanilla Protein Powder + Sugar n’ Spice

4Y5A8039.jpg 4Y5A8041.jpg

How cute are our custom silverware from For Such A Time Designs?! We’re OBSESSED.


And I’m pretty sure LumberTacks out did themselves with our SFG logo cutting board! These two design companies are the perfect option for personalized presents and branded ware! Where have you guys been all our lives?!

Recipe for our White Sangria coming to the blog soon…

We also enjoyed Valorie’s healthy lentil dip + Lauren’s tofu spinach dip!


I will say, some of us were better than others… Allison + Mara were showing off!





Our lovely teacher and friend, Courtney Shannon, of POPPYjack SHOP! Thank you so much for being so helpful and encouraging! We can’t thank you enough for all of our awesome supplies and helping host such a special night!


Thanks for coming y’all!



Clockwise starting from 12: Allison of Lauren, Mara of M Loves M, Dawn of Beauty Frosting, yours truly Val, Jackie +Lauren of SFG Diary, Rachel + Lauren of + The Little Market, Stephanie of Styled By Noir, and Courtney of POPPYjack SHOP.


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Harvest Quinoa Risotto


SFG DIARY harvest risotto

Dear Diary,

It’s ultimate comfort food time!  … But as always it’s with a healthy twist!   The past couple weeks have been super stressful at work, to the point of complete exhaustion.  And by exhaustion I mean- pulling your hair out, no eating all day and then scarfing down a whole jar of peanut butter with spoonfuls of chocolate chips for dinner- kind of EXHAUSTION.  Yes, I have no shame– when I’m super tired I tend to eat  A LOT of peanut butter and chocolate.  Delicious?  Yes. Healthy and Satisfying?… not so much.

But when you’re tired and unmotivated, it’s easy to eat whatever is around.  To inspire myself to actually cook something for dinner, I decided to call my mama and ask what she was making for dinner.  She’s super creative and always whipping up something great… so when she told me that she was making a cheesy risotto for my dad– I was immediately hooked!

SFG Diary risotto and quinoa

This quinoa risotto is full of protein and rich in fall flavor.  It has everything you could possibly want in a fall comfort-food dish!  And while there’s a lot of ingredients that require some prep, it’s totally worth it.  And from start to finish, this dish takes about 40 minutes.  The perfect amount of time to zen out after a long day… while having a glass of wine of course!  :)

Here’s what you need:

2 cups of chopped butternut squash or pumpkin

1 bundle of chopped asparagus

1 cup of shiitake mushrooms

1 cup of quinoa

1 cup of whole wheat risotto (orzo)

1 shallot

3 cloves of garlic

salt & pepper / olive oil & ghee

1 hand full of parsley

carton of organic vegetable broth

1/4 cup of nutritional yeast (for that cheesy tang and richness)

dash of a dry white wine (don’t forget to enjoy a glass of it too ;))


SFG DIARY mushroom risotto

 Here’s what you do:

for this recipe, you’ll be using all your stove burners…  boil water in one pot and then add the chopped asparagus and squash.  Once the vegetables are soft, place in an ice bath to maintain the color (this is called shocking the vegetables– it stops the cooking process right in its tracks!)

While the vegetables cool… 2 other pots should be boiling.  One containing the quinoa (2 cups of water/1 up quinoa) bring to a boil together, and then let it simmer on low heat (covered) for 10 minutes.  In the other pot, bring a carton of vegetable broth to a boil and add about a cup of whole wheat orzo (Italian rice).  Continuously stir until ready (about 15 minutes)– a taste test will let you know when it’s ready!

When the orzo is cooked, add the quinoa and a half cup of nutritional yeast– mix all together…  FINALLY in a separate hot sauce pan add some ghee, olive oil, the shallots and garlic.  Once translucent, add in the mushrooms, and boiled asparagus and squash (or pumpkin).  Let them crust up a bit, add some salt and pepper, and then de-glaze the pan with a little white wine!  Add it all into the quinoa risotto mixture… sprinkle on some parsley, and YOU ARE DONE!  Time to eat!

 Enjoy SFG’s!  And let us know what your favorite comfort food is!


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Low-Carb Thanksgiving Side Dish


Dear Diary,

Can you believe it’s already November?! What the…?!?! As excited as I am for the holiday festivities I can’t believe how fast the year has flown by. Ahhhh. I wasn’t ready for it! Which I never really am… Although, I will say having an extra hour of sleep last night was looovvvveeelllyyy :)

November means hearty meals, comfort food, seasonal treats, parties galore and momma stockin’ the pantry (HELLO!) so that doesn’t exactly equal a six pack for the holidays. And I want abs for Christmas y’all! Who’s with me?! haha. Let’s be real it’s still bikini season in LA in December. Which sounds nice until you’re faced with the seasonal drinks at Starbucks everyday and you’re having to repeatedly refuse pumpkin spice latte yumminess with extra whipped cream and carmel sauce drizzled on top. It’s times like these I just want to live in North Dakota and hibernate under several layers of parkas as I enjoy my entire daily calorie count in a cup… Most days I’m pretty sure it would be worth it, others I turn to one of our holiday drink alternatives (Peppermint Mocha + Pumpkin Protein Shake).

And while we’re on the topic of alternatives, here’s a great one for mashed potatoes! It’s incredibly delicious and will satisfy your cravings and keep you in check. Honestly, it’s one of my favorites and something everyone can enjoy – most people can’t even tell the difference! So when you’re indulging to the fullest over the holidays try trading in a couple of your highly caloric side dishes for healthier options. It’s low-carb and a quarter of the calories… Yes, please!


Cauliflower Mashers | Skinny Fat Girl Diary - 7.jpg


* 1 large Head of Cauliflower (chopped into florets)

* 1 tbsp. milk (or even Fage 0% greek yogurt – I’ve used this in a pinch and it tastes great!)

* A couple sprays of Bragg’s Liquid Aminos (Or 1 tsp. salt)

* 1 tsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

* 1 tsp. Chives or Oregano

* 1/2 tsp. Garlic Powder

* 1 tsp. Pepper

Cauliflower Mashers | Skinny Fat Girl Diary - 2.jpg


1. Wash the head of cauliflower.

2. Cut the cauliflower into small florets.

3. Steam the cauliflower for about 8-10 minutes. Make sure it’s soft. (This is important! If it’s not soft enough it won’t blend well.)

4.  Blend the cauliflower. (I prefer my Mashers smooth, so I continue to blend until it’s the consistency I prefer.)

5. Then, add all the remaining ingredients to the food processor and blend.

6. Garnish with some fresh herbs and enjoy your low-carb side dish! YUM!

What are your favorite Thanksgiving comfort foods?! Share them with us and maybe we’ll come up with a healthy version for you :)


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Stacked Apple Salad


Dear Diary,

Happy Halloween! I don’t know about you, but I’m about to go into diabetic shock after the handfuls of Starbursts and peanut butter cups I’ve shoved into my mouth. Hey! That’s what this holiday is all about, right?! Indulging… and procrastinating until the last second to throw together a random costume and even you’re not sure what you’re supposed to be…

Unfortunately, this year I have lots of candy tempting me. I typically can avoid it because I don’t have any trick or treaters come to my door because in LA most people live in apartments and even though we’re in a townhouse we are hidden from the street so no one comes a knockin’… Except for that’s not entirely true…

Last year, Tommy and I stayed in and while we were enjoying a quiet dinner at home we heard a group of kids come through and because we don’t get trick or treaters we didn’t have any candy to give them! We froze. We actually hid until they left. I felt like such a bad person for it, but I wasn’t about to hand over my favorite soup packets or cake mix… And let’s be real giving them our spare set of toothbrushes (everyone has experienced knocking on the door of a dentist and then immediately regretting it) would just make them hate us more than they already did for holding out on the candy that we didn’t have.

When they left we turned our porch lights off for fear we would disappoint more kiddos. Gosh, we’re really terrible people.  But, come on! How was I supposed to know there’d be a ninja kid who happened to venture down a dark back alley that is our front porch?! So this year I came prepared! I bought bags of candy only to find myself binging on all the chewy deliciousness. Oops. I did it again. (That’s it! I got it! I could be Britney Spears for Halloween! But vintage Brit. The good years. I miss those days…) Sorry for the tangent. But really guys, what should I be?!

Stacked-Apple-Salad-Skinny-Fat-Girl-Diary-10190.jpgSo since I needed something of nutritional value besides fistfuls of candy corn (that’s my man’s fav!) I decided to make an adorable little stacked salad that still gave me that pop of something sweet I so desperately desired without all the processed sugar. And apple has become a theme lately so add this recipe to the list!


* Apple (I used honey crisp)

* Arugula

* Jicama


(I don’t measure this, just add amounts until you get the taste and consistency you like)

* Extra Virgin Olive Oil

* Balsamic Vinegar

* Dijon Mustard

* Pine Nuts

*Shaved Parmesan (only need a tad)

* Lemon Juice

* Pepper


How To:

* Thinly slice the jicama and apple. Core out the seeds of the apple.

* Place the smallest apple slice on the plate.

* Add the jicama + small handful of arugula.

* Then repeat with the apple slice, jicama, arugula until you completed the entire apple. (basically put it back together)

* Mix up your dressing and drizzle over the top of your apple tower!

Happy Halloween SFGs! How do you curb your sweet tooth?!


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Halloween Peanut Butter Snitches


Halloween Candy

Dear Diary,

Last halloween, we shared this recipe on… but since it’s one of our favorite halloween treats, we decided to share it again with our readers this year.  Hey, a favorite is always a favorite right?!  Halloween is a bittersweet time for us SFGs… While we love the creativity the holiday inspires; we secretly fear how accessible candy bars, caramel corn and gummy worms become.  Even a recent trip to the doctor’s office tested my resolve with a bowl of Tootsie Rolls. Don’t get us wrong, we love to indulge, but we don’t have the self-control to say no to sweets. This feels like an “us” issue, but we have a feeling we aren’t alone…

So we came up with a solution to satisfy our sweet tooth, but without all the guilt.  We used ingredients that you can pronounce which makes such a difference in satisfying your cravings.

Peanut Butter Snitches

Peanut Butter Chocolate Homemade Treat

 Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2/3 cup vanilla protein powder, preferably vegan
  • 1/3 cup powdered sugar
  • 3 tablespoons coconut oil
  • 1 ½ cups reduced fat creamy peanut butter
  • ½ teaspoon of salt
  • 1 ¼ cups Fiber One cereal
  • 6 ounces dark chocolate (70% cacao) chopped

Healthy Homemade Halloween Candy


  1. Add the first six ingredients together in a food processer. You may have to melt the coconut oil in the microwave to give it a liquid consistency for about 45 seconds. If you don’t have a food processor an electric mixer will work as well, but it won’t be as smooth.
  2. Cover a baking sheet with parchment paper. Shape the peanut butter mixture into small balls; you should have enough for about 20. Place the balls on the baking sheet and place in the freezer for 15 minutes.  After 15 minutes, pull them out of the freezer and reshape in your hands, then place back in the freezer for 15 minutes.
  3. Place chopped chocolate into the microwave for about 45 seconds, take out, and stir, place back into the microwave for another 45 seconds, repeat until chocolate is completely melted.
  4. Remove the peanut butter balls from the freezer. Using a fork, dip the balls into the chocolate. Feel free to cover them with as much chocolate as you want. Place the chocolate balls back in the freezer for 15 minutes, or until the chocolate hardens. Serve and eat immediately.

Healthy Homemade Halloween Candy

What’s your favorite cheat food?  Let us know! :)  And oh, have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!


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Apple Crisp Treat



Dear Diary,

Last week, I was sick and it was a bummer. It was the type of “sick,” where you just want to eat carbs and watch bad television… or good television, depending on your view of the Vampire Diaries. Not the kind of sick where you lose 5 pounds and are out for 2 days. It lasted for a week and I’m pretty sure I gained weight.  So, when my body was craving something sweet and crunchy, I had to oblige hoping to help heal myself… and this remake of an apple crisp, was nothing short of a miracle.


Here’s what you need:

-Homemade Granola Recipe; 1 cup sliced almonds, 1 cup sliced coconut, 1/2 cup pumpkin seeds, 2 TBSP cinnamon,  5 cups whole grain oats, 1/2 cup agave nectar and 1/2 cup canola oil mix all together…place in the oven at 325 degrees for 40 -45 minutes

-A couple varieties of apples; Granny Smith and Sweet Tangos are the ones I used



-Greek Yogurt

I started by making my mother’s signature homemade granola, it makes the house smell divine. I think it’s one of the reasons my husband feel in love with me. The sweet smell of agave nectar, coconut and cinnamon is simply irresistible and he asks for a new batch every weekend. Plus it’s simple and inexpensive to make.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Then cut apples into tiny pieces and hallow out 2 apples (I made this recipe for two, but you can hallow out as many apples as you want). Sprinkle a teaspoon of cinnamon and ½ teaspoon of stevia on your apple pieces, place them on a baking sheet and in the oven for 15 minutes. Place your hallowed out apples aside and sprinkle the inside with the mixture as well.


After 15 minutes, or as the apples start to caramelize, place them in the hallowed out apples and put back in the oven for another 10 minutes. Remove from the oven and top with crunchy granola and Greek yogurt, serve hot and enjoy a healthy dessert! It’s the perfect fall sweet treat.




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Pumpkin Protein Smoothie



Dear Diary,

It was just another day of experimenting for the ladies of SFG Diary!  All of us got together, as we often do :), to come up with another great recipe to share… and as usual, it was a day full of fun, laughter… and trial and error.  We originally decided to make a healthier spin on a pumpkin spice latte… sounds easy enough, right?!  Well, it didn’t go exactly as planned– after hours of testing different flavors and combinations, the latte just wasn’t up to par.  After a moment of defeat, we took our original idea and decided to go in a whole new direction– with a PROTEIN SMOOTHIE!  How did this not occur to us before?!  Smoothies?  That’s something WE KNOW:  We’re busy girls on-the-go, who are always looking for a new fun and healthy way to add protein and energy into our daily routine!

Silly enough, we had no idea that pumpkin could even taste good in a smoothie– a squash filled smoothie just doesn’t sound appropriate does it?!  But with all of those terrific fall spices to help lighten up the flavor, it is the perfect fall inspired treat! Pumpkins are full of fiber and low in calories, has tons of vitamin A, and is full of hydrating powers… who knew eating pumpkin could be that good for you too!?


Here’s what we made:

3 tablespoons of canned pumpkin

1 tablespoon of pumpkin spice

1/2 tsp of cinnamon

1/2 a scoop of chocolate protein powder (vanilla works too if you prefer :))

3 ice cubes

1 cup of almond milk

want to make this smoothie ultra-decadent?!  Add a dollop of organic whip cream and sprinkle on some extra cinnamon!


And that’s it!!!  Try this fall treat for yourself and tell us what you think! The combination of fall flavors with a protein filled shake?!  We’ll be having this as much as we can this autumn season!  Enjoy SFG’s!


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No-Bake Healthy Apple Tart - Skinny Fat Girl Diary - 10190

Dear Diary,

This month on Lauren Conrad we created a tart that is just as delicious to eat as it is to look at!  Not going to lie, we’re pretty impressed with ourselves– we never knew a floral design would be so easy!  Try it for yourself, and check out the post below:

We’re so excited for Autumn… I mean, what’s not to love? Cozy fashion, crisp seasonal air, and decadent comfort food… and to get into the spirit, we decided to experiment with one of fall’s sweetest harvests: apples!  We also couldn’t help, but be inspired by Lauren Conrad’s love of apples… It’s contagious.

Apples are nostalgic of a simpler time; when gathering with family and friends was a common occurrence rather than a special occasion.  But with life being as busy as it is, it becomes hard to make the time!  The change of season reminds us all to slow down, take a break, and spend time with family and friends…over food, of course, it’s the SFG way! And what better way to celebrate than with a guilt-free, delicious apple and chocolate tart treat!

This sweet treat may look extravagant, but this no-bake recipe is a piece of (no-bake) cake!

For the CRUST:

  • In a food processor combine 3 dates(make sure to remove the seeds), 1 cup of cashews, 1 tbsp vanilla extract, 1 tbsp agave and a splash of water. Blend until it looks like oatmeal. Then pat the mixture evenly into decorative tart dish. (It’s all about the details :))

No-Bake Healthy Apple Tart - Skinny Fat Girl Diary - 10192


  • Melt 1/2 cup of no sugar added Lily’s Dark chocolate chips with  ¼ cup of almond milk in a saucepan until glossy and smooth. (Keep the heat low, so not to burn the chocolate)

  • Pour the chocolate mixture on top of the crust until completely covered, and let settle in a refrigerator for at least 15 minutes. (But the longer the better!)

  • Lastly, thinly slice two apples and decorate the top any way you like! We decided to go for a rose design… trust us, it’s easier than it looks, so don’t be intimidated!

No-Bake Healthy Apple Tart - Skinny Fat Girl Diary - 10191


To achieve the rose design, layer the apples in a circular pattern, starting with the larger slices around the brim of the tart dish and working your way in towards the middle!

(Optional) Rev up that metabolism and add some additional fall flavor by sprinkling cinnamon on top!

No-Bake Healthy Apple Tart - Skinny Fat Girl Diary - 10193

And there you go!  The perfect, fun, fall treat that looks like it took you all day… when in reality– it took only 20 minutes! Plus, it’s pretty healthy and all natural!

Enjoy this season with friends and family, and let us know… What’s your favorite go-to fall dessert?!

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HALLOWEEN CAKE POPS: a ghostly treat!


ghost quest bars by SFG Diary

Dear Diary,

Halloween is officially around the corner, and here at SFG Diary, we could NOT be more excited!!!  I’m serious, the excitement is real, and while I’m loving pumpkin patches, haunted hayrides, costume shopping, and lots and lots of candy/treat tasting… the candy tasting has gotten a bit out of hand (I suffer from poor self-control.)  But I can’t help it!  I have a sweet tooth, and it’s rude to ignore the batch of pumpkin cookies and basket full of candy lingering at my office’s front desk, right?!  So with that said, I’m taking a stand with two of my favorite things– quest bars & pops.

ghosts in a row SFG Diary

This isn’t our first rodeo with quest bar cake pops, but we switched up the recipe by putting it in the holiday spirit!  And instead of using white chocolate, we’re using a healthier yogurt sauce… (inspired by those yogurt covered pretzels that I just have to have every time I have a long delay at the airport… these cake pops are delicious and adorable– and not so bad for you too!  The perfect amount of halloween sweetness, without the guilt!

Here’s what you do:

  • take your favorite quest bar (full of protein, few ingredients, low in carb, and organic to boot!) and cut it in half!– my favorite is cookie dough
  • mold the quest bar into a ghostly shape– it doesn’t have to be perfect– just think oval!
  • then place it on a popsicle stick and let it harden in the freezer (for at least 10 minutes– this makes it easier to coat)
  • Next, dunk it in the yogurt mixture!  Here’s what’s in it: 1 cup of greek yogurt (full of protein), 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract, 1 teaspoon of agave, 1/4 cup of a mixture of stevia (no calorie natural sweetner) and powdered sugar… why a combination of the two?  I think powdered sugar tastes better than the stevia– but the stevia helps cut calories. This combination of sugar adds the perfect amount of thickness to the yogurt so that it’s ready to coat!
  • Once the pops are coated, place 2 mini-sized chocolate chips for the eyes, and 1 regular-size chocolate chip for the mouth…
  • Lastly, let sit in the freezer to harden– the longer the better!

And that’s it!!!!!  The PERFECTLY SWEET HALLOWEEN TREAT for the SFG!

SFG Diary ghost bars

Enjoy SFG’s!  Will you try these pops for Halloween?!  Let us know!

SFG Diary pumpkins and ghosts

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Thirsty Thursdays: New Fashion, Old Fashion…I’ll take two



Dear Diary,

So, it’s no secret, I’m in the liquor business and will support a good cocktail…Sometimes, the best cocktails are the classics, like the Old Fashioned. Lately, this traditional beverage has been popping up all over bars and restaurants. However, mixologists have been making different variations all over town. Here is my new favorite, along with the traditional recipe. If you are looking for a way to unwind on a crisp fall evening this cocktail is perfect.


 ”Bourbon Old Fashioned”

- 1 Sugar Cube

- 4 dashes Angostura Bitters

- 2 slices of orange

-2 maraschino cherries

-2 ounces rye whiskey( rye whiskey’s are harder to find these days, so bourbon whiskey will do)

-splash of water

Glass: rocks

Preparation: Muddle 1 cherry, an orange slice, sugar and bitters in a chilled old fashioned glass. Remove the orange grind, add the whiskey and ice…Garnish with a cherry


“New Fashioned”

- 2oz CASAMIGOS Anejo Tequila

-.25oz agave nectar

-muddled orange 1/2 wheel & pitted dark sweet cherry

-pinch of cinnamon

Garnish:  Orange 1/2 wheel & cherry

Glass: rocks

Preparation: In the smaller portion of the Boston shaker muddle orange & cherry, add ingredients, add ice, shake well, strain over big cube, garnish & serve.






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DIY Halloween Decor


Dear Diary,

Us SFGs looovvvvveeee Fall, but since it’s been unseasonable hot around LA we thought we’d bring a sense of Fall to us… By having a DIY holiday pumpkin painting party with friends chili and wine (of course!).

We wanted the pumpkins to last the entire month so we decided to paint them instead of carving. We choose a fun metallic and black look for an edgy, goth-chic effect. We sprayed the entire pumpkins, glittering some and then just got creative with different designs, even monogramming (you know we love monograms!) my last name initial – “D” for Darling! – with thumb tacks on one! Super simple and fun.

Skinny Fat GIrl Diary girls at the pumpkin patch

Gotta love a pumpkin patch!




* Pumpkin 0r gourd

* Spray paint

* Gems / glitter / stickers / thumb tacks / jewels / stencils


Happy Halloween Crafting!

DIY Halloween Pumpkin Decorating | Skinny Fat Girl Diary - 03.jpg
DIY Halloween Pumpkin Decorating | Skinny Fat Girl Diary - 07.jpg
DIY Halloween Pumpkin Decorating | Skinny Fat Girl Diary - 08.jpg

How are you decorating your pumpkins?


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