ghee butter love

Dear Diary,

I’m not ashamed to admit that I was found in a compromising position more than once this week by my boyfriend…  I awoke startled, a jar of ghee butter in one hand, a spoon in the other and bread crumbs covering my face; my boyfriend was standing over me, a concerned look on his face, “I think you have a problem,” he said to me, shaking his head as he assisted me up from the living room couch. “It’s the GHEEEEEE!” I cried… confused by my drunk on butter slurring, I think he thought I said “I got to PEEEEE!” because I ended up being chauffeured to the bathroom instead of to the bedroom… awkward.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that this has happened to me… nutella or dark chocolate has the same effect…

(photo courtesy of ivillage)

Yes, sadly this is what happens to people addicted to food… but things could be worse.  I could be addicted to processed, fattening and unhealthy treats instead of butter.

At this point you might be confused… butter is bad for you right?  Yes, butter is, but ghee butter, isn’t.

Finally… a butter I don’t have to feel guilty about!!!!!!  I’m on cloud nine– I feel like dancing! Or singing along to old school Mariah Carey!

Call me crazy, but once you hear about Ghee, I know you’ll agree.  Ghee is clarified butter that provides the benefits of healthy fat without the impurities of normal butter such as saturated fats.

ghee butter sfg

Ghee has a lot of antioxidants and is known to be an immune booster… it’s lactose friendly for those who avoid dairy, it’s rich in vitamins A,D, & E; it even provides you with loads of energy making less healthy fat in your body easier to burn!! what whaaaat!

I use this baby on everything… from a late night snack of buttered toast, to sauteing vegetables or cooking a mean burger… while too much of anything is never good, feel free to indulge with ghee.  You’re welcome SFGs :)



Want to attend the event?


Dear Diary,

As some of you know I have a non-profit, SoCal HeARTs, benefitting low-income and foster children in Los Angeles. We are having a big fundraiser for our upcoming summer ARTs Camp and I wanted to share an exciting auction item with you!

This is your opportunity to have the wedding of your dreams at the gorgeous Carondelet House (where SFG Lauren got married! And Johnny Depp + Amber Heard had their engagement party!) at a fraction of the cost! Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity for a wonderful cause! Thank you, Alan + Leena Dunn, for such a generous donation and pooling of talents! We adore you guys!


Wedding in a Box - Tres LA - Carondelet House auction item


Venue: Carondelet House

Florals: Tic Tock Couture Florals

Catering: Tres LA

Photography: Casey Pinckard Photography

Coordinator: Orange Blossom Special Events + Day of Gal

Many more…


Tres L.A. Catering & Carondelet House are proud to offer a Wedding (or Party) in a Box!  Proceeds benefit SoCal HeARTs, Art Summer Camp.
The wedding or party is inclusive of catering by Tres L.A., Carondelet House venue, florals by Tic Toc Couture Florals, day of coordination by Orange Blossom Special Events and Day of Gal, photography by Casey Pinckard photography, D.J.,  rentals, bar & service staff, soft bar (winner provides alcohol), French country-chic decor.
The event is subject to venue availability and must take place before December 30, 2014.  Blackout dates include:  November 27th (Thanksgiving), December 24, 25, & 31st.
This offer is not valid for existing contracts.
Up to 100 guests. Additional guests can be added for $100 per person.

Thanks for the rosacea, mom: The journey to find glowing skin


Thanks to my Irish heritage my natural skin tone is what you’d call “beet red.”  My whole life I was waiting to have that perfect complexion– naturally glowing, blemish-free skin, as if I walked right out of a Neutrogena commercial.  Sadly, I’m so gullible that I really believed once my teenage years were over, that this fantasy would be my reality.  I was sorely mistaken.  Like most teenagers out there, I suffered from oily skin, occasional acne, and an uneven skin tone (there were seriously days where I felt like a relative of Barney; purple and pink all over).  Basically my skin is always something I’ve tried to perfect and through out the years I’ve tried basically everything in the book– well, except the vampire facial… not for me.  After all my experimenting, I’ve learned a thing or two.

SFG sun and skin

For the longest time I would over-wash my face; using harsh (and expensive $) products  a couple times a day to strip away oil, but in the past couple years I finally figured out the secret to my best looking skin…

skin care routine

Here’s what I’ve learned from all my 26 (almost 27) years…

1. oily skin is a good thing

Your skin makes natural oils to protect itself from the elements.  Make-up artists here in LA have told me time and time again, when I complain about shine, that oils in my skin will keep me looking younger… longer.  So instead of stripping oil off my skin, I just off-set shine by using powder based foundation.

2. you’re not perfect and neither is anyone else

(aren’t you a bit relieved?)

Living in LA you’re bound to run into just about everybody… celebrities I mean… and let me tell you, no one looks exactly as they do in the magazine.  For big photo shoots, our favorite beauties are blessed with perfect lighting, professional make-up, and top-editors for airbrushing.  No one looks THAT GOOD in real life… and that’s okay!  We all look sweaty in yoga class, and leave the hotbox stinking like a hog rather than glistening like a star.

3. don’t mess with it

Growing up, my face was constantly irritated because I was over doing it… but fortunately, my body skin is even toned and blemish free– and oddly enough, all I do is wash it and moisturize it.  That let’s me know that there is hope for my face too!  Don’t over wash and use simple products!  I get less pimples now using dove soap than I did when I used an acne based cleanser!  CRAZY I know!! I use a small organic exfoliating brush to wipe away dead skin cells twice a week too!  This gives my skin that healthy glow I always wanted!

4. moisturize and sunscreen to protect

This is my most important rule!  Sunscreen and moisturize adds an extra layer of protection from the elements that can damage our skin every day… use it daily for happier skin!

sfg skin shot

Remember, all you need to do is WASH, EXFOLIATE, MOISTURIZE, REPEAT.  Trust your skin to take care of the rest :)

So have I achieved my quest to have the perfect skin tone??

NO.  Is my skin tone still tinted red? Yes, thanks again, mom… but it’s no longer irritated or comparable to the complexion of Barney!!!  And hey, I’m not perfect, and that’s okay.

E!eek… I’m on TV.


Dear Diary,

I was on E! News last night! Whoop whoop.

I got the exciting honor of modeling for a fun celebrity bridal trends segment with through Be Inspired PR. Rocking one of the beautiful boho gowns from Daughters of Simone - acting as the one and only Mary Kate Olsen! (Jude dress - $1,557.00)

Pssst…from ages 7-11 it was my biggest goal in life to be the third Olsen twin. Who knew that could be possible?! Dreams really do come true :) My Momma can attest to my fan girl obsession after waiting in line with me for over four hours at the Spokane Valley Mall to meet Candace Cameron (MK + Ashley were supposed to be there too. What the heck, girls?!) which was definitely not quite as cool, but D.J. Tanner was still worth the wait to get an autograph. Oh wait, that’s right,… I didn’t get an autograph because she was whisked away just as I was nearing her table. I cried. We left. Sad day. True story.

Another true story is that the dress I was originally supposed to wear on E! was the wrong size and ginormous on me. It might as well have been pajamas. Thank goodness I had a backup option, unlike the other girls. Phew… The second dress was a bit intimidating at first because it was a two piece and I wasn’t planning on showing my midriff on National television! (Hey! It’s still technically not bikini season yet…) But it ended up being just the right amount of skin that I wasn’t having nightmare flashbacks of the last week of meals I inhaled. Thank you D.O.S. (Daughters of Simone)

The skirt fit perfectly but the top was a bit big for me, especially under my arms, so again I was in a pickle. Not a lot of time left in the “champagne room” and no sewing kit or safety pins in sight. When in doubt get resourceful! I wasn’t about to go on screen with an unflattering fit so I had to get all MacGyver on it! Two hair bobby pins was all I needed.

Walking off stage, I noticed the back of the host’s dress… Office supplies hung from her like a wall at Office Depot. She was pinned, clamped and cinched into her adorable peach dress. From the front it looked tailor-made, but even the real celebs sometimes have to get creative!

photo 2

photo 1

 I’m right in-between Joel McHale and Giuliana Rancic’s dressing rooms! Ahhhh.

Mary Kate Olsen Inspired celeb wedding dress style - Daughters of Simone - E! News

 Ryan Seacrest, stop photo bombing me…geez.

photo 5

Catt Sadler, announcing our segment. She’s so cute and like a real life Polly Pocket! I just want to take her around with me…

photo 2-2

Watch the clip here…

What’s your favorite celebrity wedding style?


[Bridesmaid/Prom] Hair How To!

Dear Diary,

I’m constantly looking for new tricks to cover up my day 2 hair. Hats, dry shampoo, slicked-back pony… So as you can imagine french braiding the front of my hair isn’t anything new to me. However, the last step made the look into something completely new and fresh…   Instead of writing it all out, I figured I’d show you in real life! Check out my vid! I think the quality is slightly better than my first hair tutorial way back when… haha.

Front Braid Tutorial - bridesmaid, prom

I’m better on other people! Here are some of the models I worked this look on…


Abby’s (above) version is more polished and sophisticated.

Marlana’s (below) version is more fun and flirty! The key is pulling the braid down onto your forehead and tugging different pieces of the braid to create a messier uneven look.


Photos: Valorie Darling Photography


Derby Days Themed Affair

Dear Diary,

My favorite line used to be “Ugggh!! I don’t know what to wear black or… black.” However, since Pinterest, I have been inspired to go outside my comfort zone when choosing clothing. Color and prints now hang among my signature black pieces.  I guess, always dressing in all black is an ailment of being a Skinny Fat Girl.  I mean, what color is better suited to making you look your skinniest?

Sometimes, I’ll find myself slipping and black on black finds its way back into my rotation. It happens to me, when I’ve had a bad week and am feeling like a blimp. It sucks, but hiding in my clothes makes me feel better. It’s moments like these, I have to snap myself out it. One way, and you may find this unbearable cheesy, but it has worked – is attending themed events.  I never thought the day would come when I would say that out loud, but I will actually go into a dressing room and try things on!!! THIS is a rare thing for me to do, dressing rooms are my personal nightmare. Especially the ones with horrible lighting and mirrors that make you look wider… which is every one. Themes can be a little annoying, especially, the all white parties.  But, they make me try on new things and I can use a nudge from time to time.

When planning for my bachelorette party, we opted to choose some themes for the weekend.  For wine tasting, we thought, Derby Days would be fun and reward us with some bright photos. Floppy hats and colorful sundresses turned out to be the perfect way to spend an afternoon drinking…Did I mention how far removed I found myself from black?! I went all out for it; in this colorful Karen Millen ensemble, Chili Beans Sunglasses and homemade sash. It was an amazing weekend.


This was another one of those moments, that you are only allowed to get away with, when you are getting married. LOL, the gleeful I’m getting married dance anyone?! Nerd alert


 Seriously love Val’s purple hat! Jackie’s side braid was pretty amazing…



I know theme’s can be daunting, but they help with packing…!


Cheers! It’s ThIrStY ThUrSdAy…


Dear Diary,

I sometimes think they miss cast Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses – it’s truly my reality. I love weddings like I love a good savory snack! To me, there’s really nothing better. However, my closet is packed full with once-worn David’s Bridal dresses and my bank account is dwindling by the second. My mom jokes that I’m IN so many weddings because people know I obsess over the details, can’t say “no”,  and they’re bound to have a Pinterest worthy party. Last summer alone I attended 12 weddings and this month alone I threw two bachelorettes, one bridal shower and photographed an out of state wedding. Geez, I’m exhausted just thinking about it again.

Since I love all the fun details, but I’m watching my wallet I find ways to reuse things, remake and throw a fabulous party on a budget. At SFG Lauren’s bachelorette we created a DRINK STATION with all the pretty frills and a SIGNATURE DRINK: “The Blushing Bride”. Made with fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and champagne. (Psst…grapefruit juice has less sugar than OJ) Perfectly pretty for a girlie soiree!

As many times as I’ve played hostess, there’s one important thing my Momma taught me and that’s pour yourself a drink before your guests arrive! It helps take the edge off and after all that planning you deserve it!



I made custom signs for our drink station with cute sayings… Check out these free fonts here!


Don’t forget the adorable color coordinated straws! I’m obsessed with the cute paper ones!

To stay on track budget wise I visited the Dollar Tree to find inspiration to later personalize. Don’t be afraid to check them out!  I bought several frames and spray painted them metallic gold. It was our accent color after all…



Bottoms up! Especially when the light bachelorette convo turns into the horrors of child labor. That sassy drink station won’t only be pretty but necessary!

To see the rest of our bachelorette inspiration check out our post on Lauren Conrad!


Hair Tutorial: the “Halo” braid made simple!

SFG Jackie in braidsDear Diary,

I have about 15 minutes to get ready in the morning before I’m out for the day; and sadly this means that I can never really do anything fancy… I always have this high expectation (okay, let’s get real… it’s a dream) of looking like a super model all day long– I envision myself  just as chic and fresh after work as I did when I started the day… but this of course is never the case.  Usually by noon my eyeliner has smudged, and by five, I have been smiling with a poppy seed or piece of spinach jammed in between my teeth since lunch (thanks co-workers for telling me)… not to mention, sporting pit stains that have transpired from running around the office… basically, I look  like a rodeo clown.

sfg Jackie halo braid

It gets boring sometimes to have the same hair style day after day… but what can I say… I have to stick to an easy, no fuss routine!  I usually just wear it down until it gets in my way.  Once the frizz has taken over, I give up– knotting my locks into  a birds nest… not a good look.  So with the braid trend still as hot as ever, I started doing the “halo” braid… but my way.  Not complicated. and done in 5 minutes.  Best part is… the messier it gets… the better it looks! It is the one hairstyle I can count on to look better as the day progresses…

Jackie hairstyle SFG

This original “Heidi” inspired look is playful & cute! And remember, it does not have to be perfect!

Try it out for yourself :) Check the youtube clip below for the step by step!

JEALOUS OF VEGANS… but not really

jealous of vegans pizza

cauliflower pizza

Dear Diary,

This fleeting feeling of jealousy never lasts long… but do you sometimes suffer from the same ailment?  I mean they’re so committed!  So aware!  Walking around… with their vegetables, and slim figures, effortlessly whipping together delicacies that are colorful, delicious, and healthy WHAAAT?!  It’s obnoxious really… ugh vegans… with their “ideals”… “hey vegans, stop being so… so… cool.”

ugh, I’m jealous.  After years in LA it’s hard not be… there’s something sexy about being that extreme, and while I try to eat healthy, organic and raw as often as possible, I am no vegan superhero.  I’m what you’d call a vegan enthusiast… I really respect my friends who are so committed.  And being a vegan enthusiast has its perks… I can admire them, I can try some delicious recipes (thanks to all my vegan-baker friends– you know who you are ;)), but I can eat meat and dairy guilt free whenever I want– which is important since I tend to eat Indian or Italian on a regular basis!  I’ve never attempted to eat vegan for an entire day… but I guarantee that I would fail within the first hour.

healthy veggies pizza slice

One reason I could never be a vegan: I love cheese.  Like, I really love cheese.   It’s just too good… well not for you per se, but hey it’s got protein!  Okay, I may be in denial about cheese… but I’m always trying to figure out, if I’m going to eat it, how I can make a meal engrossed in cheese slightly healthier…

veggie pizza

For example, the other day at work, I was craving pizza.  I was suffering from serious cravings… day dreaming of thick crusts, oozing with sauce and layer upon layer of cheese… and what do I do about this craving?  I give into it of course!  But I decided, if I was going to eat a whole pie of pizza (due to my lack of self-control), how could I mix it up in a healthy way?

Lately I feel like I could be doing more with vegetables… I feel like vegetables are boring… but they really aren’t.  After doing some research online, I combined a couple of amazing recipes out there to create this veggie-tastic one!  This recipe takes vegetables to a whole other level– using cauliflower as crust, sweet potatoes as sauce!  IT’S CRAZY!!!  But oh, so delicious… and while this recipe may not be vegan…  I could care less!  It’s healthy, delicious and inspired by all those vegans out there that make vegetables look fun and easy! :)

Here’s what you need: greek yogurt, cauliflower (half a head), sweet potato, steamed spinach, steamed asparagus, goat cheese, egg, & walnuts

for the crust: boil cauliflower and grind it up, add a 1/2 cup of yogurt, a pinch of salt, and 1 egg.  Mix together & shape into a pie on a cookie sheet (lined in parchment paper)

cauliflower crust pizza

for the sauce: boil the sweet potatoe (1 large one will do) until soft; drain them and then mash up in a bowl along with olive oil, crushed pepper flakes (1 tablespoon), and a dash of salt.  When smooth, pour on top of the cauliflower.

sweet potato sauce on cauliflower crust

Finally, sprinkle on the goat cheese, steamed spinach, asparagus & walnuts & place in the oven at 400 degrees for about a half hour!

sweet potato sauce

Enjoy SFGs… and eat the pizza damn it…

healthy veggie pizza

Mishaps at the Pleasure Chest…


SFG Slumber Party

Dear Diary,

As many of you know, SFG Lauren’s bachelorette was last weekend and we had quite the fiesta!  To prepare for the big event, I put all prudishness aside and decided to visit a little place called The Pleasure Chest.

Now, let me just start by saying that I had never been to a sex shop before this, nor did I ever think I would visit one.  Not that I’m a total goody-goody, but I never hopped on the Fifty Shades of Gray bandwagon, and…okay, fine, I’m a little straight-laced.

Even trying to find the store front gave me anxiety!  I had the address, but couldn’t for the life of me find it!  I was pacing back and forth along Santa Monica Blvd searching, when, finally, a gas station attendant asked me if I was lost and what I was looking for.  I sweetly said, “Oh nothing …just browsing.”  Browsing?!  Browsing, what…!?  The sidewalk?!!  (That was an inner monologue by the way…)

That freaked me out enough that I promptly called another bridesmaid for support.  As my palms started to sweat, she talked me back in the right direction, directing me to a storefront I had already passed.  The window displaying a colorful array of what I originally thought were iPhone accessories.  So, that’s a…  Ohhhhh….  Okay, that doesn’t look so scary.  Maybe I’ll be able to handle this after all! Wishful thinking…

I was alarmed to be greeted by a friendly older man who was heavy-set and balding.  This guy works here?  Awkward moment #1:  he approached to ask me what I was into and if I needed any help.  I think I’m good, thanks.  Ahhhh!  Get me out of here!  This is already like a weird, really creepy dream.

I decided to persevere out of love for Lauren, but I was already overwhelmed, my eyes frantically darting around the room looking for something less intimidating than the back corner, which I wanted to avoid at all costs!  Thankfully, I landed on a cutesy section of bachelorette gag gifts, and found refuge in a pink glittery aisle.  I figured this would be a good starting point.  I grabbed a deck of playful bachelorette cards and made sure that they were very visible to the rest of the shoppers, as if to say, “See, I’m only here for my friends!”

I gained a little confidence as I saw other “normal looking” patrons perusing.  I took a deep breath:  go time.  Let’s see whatcha got Pleasure Chest!  I headed over to a more “advanced” section to check out the latest lotions and potions.  I crouched down to grab something off the bottom shelf, and next thing you know, I’m laying on the floor in a sea of dildos.  Graphic, I know, but I want to paint you a vivid picture of the horror I was experiencing.  When I bent down I backed into – for lack of better words – a dildo tower.  So there I was, trying to pretend like nothing happened, but surrounded by dozens of “feminine devices” and wanting to die.  I panicked AGAIN and swiftly started scooping them up – a process made infinitely more difficult by the fact that several of them had turned on when they hit the floor.  I’m sure the person manning the security cameras in the back was getting a real good laugh.

Then, the employee working the front counter sprung (no pun intended) to my rescue?!  KILL.  ME.  NOW.  I wanted to run away, but he reminded me that I still needed to check out.  I sheepishly made my way to the counter with my “don’t judge me” bachelorette playing cards, and swore to never return.  Such an #SFGmoment!


Pillow Fight SFG



Photos: Sam Zachrich