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Dear Diary,

I had the special treat of hanging out with a pretty awesome 19 year old this past weekend– my boyfriend’s sister.  The short but sweet visit gave me the opportunity to re-live some of my youth… Not only is she amazing, but her visit inspired me to add a little more fun back into my life.

Do you know when you’re old??  When you’ve forgotten what cheap whiskey tastes like, and when sleeping late on a Saturday means waking up at 9:30 AM!

I didn’t realize how much I missed college until I got a taste of the good life!  Now while being 25 has its perks; like terrific happy hours, couples vacations and epic weddings to attend… there’s a little part of me that misses being the carefree, crazy-mess that comes with being 19– those who know me well, may protest that not too much has changed since then– but at the very least by just being 19, you have a perfect excuse to be wild. weird. and a little stupid…

It just so happens that this past weekend was the start of my spring break– oh how I love grad school!  Unfortunately though, in grad school the term “break” is simply a technicality– so while I may not have class, I still have work to do and an internship to enjoy! yay!  But this weekend I transformed back into a 19 year old to enjoy some regular spring break activities.

My first spring break experience took place in Key West, where me and four of my closest friends focused all our time and energy on three things only: tanning, drinking, laughing and dancing– this past weekend wasn’t too different.

Friday night we attempted to go out at a normal social hour; but we got a little side-tracked dancing to some old school records and shooting tequila…  We ended up hitting a club in Hollywood at 1:30 in the morning for a little disco dancin– not something I’ve done in years!  Of course, my faux sister wasn’t able to get into any of these clubs… but the adrenaline rush of attempting to sneak by the security guards was well worth the effort!

All in all, this weekend was the perfect amount of carefree behavior one crave’s– could I do this every weekend?… who am I kidding, NO WAY!  But I am definitely looking forward to her next visit :)

Did you know: that it is proven that those who have one social drink per night actually live healthier lives!??!?!  Okay guys!  This means I am giving you permission to go out tonight: LAUGH. DANCE. and have a GUILT-FREE COCKTAIL!  Get in touch with your inner-teenager again!

Tell us… what do you miss about being 19 years old??  And don’t forget to like us on facebook and friend us on twitter!

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  1. justsomejane says:

    19 feels like a lifetime ago! If there is anything I miss, it’s having an easy job and going out with my best girlfriends dancing or to the beach. Though, I can’t say I miss it all that much… I think my 30s are kinda stellar!

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