When it comes to clothing and shoes, my love is not easily given. I can count the number of times I’ve fallen head over heels for cotton, cashmere or silk.  The most memorable retail heartthrobs would have to be my patent leather Airwalks, in the 6th grade – there was nothing cooler. Silver jeans, remember those? They were actually long and fit tall girls. :)  Last but not least; my newest love a classic navy blazer from J.Crew. Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of clothes, but love is when you put it on and it seems to add an unspoken confidence.

My style has always been simple and classic. I love the clean lines of Grace Kelly or the chic Reese Witherspoon look of over-sized sweaters with leather leggings. For day to day, it’s better for me to do the talking than have my clothing. Don’t get me wrong, cocktail hour and nights out are a different story, but for daytime you can never go wrong with simple classic staples.

So as 2013 begins, I say why not go through a closet cleanse, throw out the trendy and add some items that will never be outdated – an amazing blazer is a great place to start. J. Crew has well-tailored ones, as well as Bloomingdale’s. Zara, is on the more affordable side and they tend it have well cut blazers, but they are more trendy. As always, if you scavenge through H& M it can lead to great finds or even the Gap, though they tend to be more of box cut instead of tailored at the waist jackets. The great thing about blazers you can throw them on with jeans and a t-shirt and a scarf like Jessica Alba, or throw on a white tank top with jeans Cameron Diaz style or wear it with a skirt and a killer pair of heels like Vanessa Minnillo! Happy Shopping and a Happy New Year!! Here’s my fav blazer in action…


IMG_8418 IMG_8422


Love the buttons on it! Rock it with gold heel stilettos.



You can always take the jacket off and rock it with a scarf :)


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