A Fall Fashion Favorite…!



Dear Diary,

My skirts and dresses have made their way to the back of the closet, as the weather continues to get colder.  While my pants, sweaters, and colorful scarfs are front and center. However, this year my scarfs aren’t the only colorful thing in my fall wardrobe.  I’ve fallen in love with lively, slim fit, ankle pants. They are the BEST pants for work and play!!! My job starts in the morning and often transitions into drinks out… So, let me tell you these are the most practical slacks I’ve ever owned. A  classic work pump makes them business professional during the day, while stilettoes make them chic enough for a night out.

Or in this case, perfect for a photo shoot with hay bales…! Look at how the hay sticks to them, classic SFG moment…We always find that things never turn out quite perfectly, but at least we can laugh about it…. And then go home, make a sugar free cake and eat our feelings.


After discovering them at Banana Republic, I let out a high pitched squeal and bought 5 pairs (I couldn’t resist). The best part, I’ve never had to purchase them at full price, because BR is always having a sale. The ones pictured can be found at this link: http://brstyl.es/1fcZZPS. And if they aren’t on sale, wait a week and they will be 40% off!


You can’t fake that enthusiasm… that’s tangible.


Paired with tuxedo inspired blouses that are so trendy… it’s a match made in heaven…! I can’t believe October has already come to an end, in 5 months I’ll be walking down the aisle. I’m not quite ready to let go, hence the pumpkin patch shoot. Get ready for lots of DIY hosting tips this month, we are so excited for the holidays!!





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  1. Vanessa says:

    Girl you are simply stunning!! I am going to have to get me a pair of those awesome coloured pants.
    Congrats on your future wedding! How exciting!!


  2. Emma says:

    Those pants are so beautiful!! Where did you get them? You ARE gorgeous… love your highlights
    Have a great November!


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