a skinny fat girl kinda day: recovering with greens


rainy weekend blues

Dear Diary,

Yup… that was me this weekend.  All ready for a weekend in the sun, but instead we had non-stop rain.  Not to complain, (I know all of you back east are dealing with non-stop snow) but listen, I’m spoiled by good weather and PROUD!!  Good weather in LA keeps me active, and since I like to eat good, real, food… exercise is mandatory.  This weekend though, I threw all my obligations aside and prioritized some big plans of mine–  sitting on the couch all day, and meeting friends for dinner and drinks at night (so glamorous and important, I know!)

Mondays are hard.  After a fun filled weekend, Monday’s bring you back to reality.  It’s the hardest day of the week because it’s when you’re most reluctant to get back to your health routine… if you exercise and eat well on Monday’s… you’re more likely to feel healthier and be healthier the rest of the week.  We all know Friday’s to be the beginning of the end of  your healthy eating habits of the week; when the clock strikes five on a friday afternoon, it’s as if I immediately regress to my college days when fried food was a staple of my diet.  Did you also think fries counted as a vegetable and that ice cream was considered a healthy dose of calcium??

While I wish I was consistent with my healthy habits through out the week, every week… there are definite times where Wednesday’s feel like a Friday, and I’ve emotional eaten enough for a lifetime…

Shut in from all the rain this weekend, I definitely wasn’t able to pick up the slack from a week full of eating out.  So Monday is the day I know I have to make a change!

to start off my week right, I’m recreating one of my favorite restaurant salads at home… bringing the healthiest from the restaurant back to my kitchen. and bringing some sunshine back into the day…

skinny fat girl kinda day

Here’s what you need:

mixed greens

red onion (we’re going to pickle these bad boys) / I made the mistake of using sweet onions– still worked but red onions will be a little sweeter and spicier)

feta (optional)

organic chicken (optional)


pecans (spice them up– have some cinnamon, cumin, cayenne & a little brown sugar on hand– I’ll tell you what to do ;))

for the dressing:

olive oil, lemon, salt & pepper

restaurant inspired salad

 How to pickle onions: sounds complicated, but it isn’t!

throw a sliced red onion into a bowl, cover it with apple cider vinegar (about a 1/2 cup), throw in a spoonful of stevia (instead of sugar),  and a half spoonful of salt

let it soak for at least an hour and you’re done!

pickled onions can last a couple of weeks so use what you want and fridge the rest for later!

eat more greens

how to spice pecans: While the usual recipe uses butter, and a lot more brown sugar; I chose to lightly spice my pecans slightly differently…

heat the pecans in a pan on medium heat and in a bowl, mix half a teaspoon of each spice ingredient and then coat the pecans with this concoction as they roast.  After about 5 minutes I placed the pecans on a cookie sheet to cool.

favorite salad

cooking chicken: I keep it simple, I coat my clean chicken breasts with a layer of olive oil and a pinch of salt & pepper and cook in the oven for about 20 minutes at 350 degrees… no fuss necessary.

dressing: 2 tablespoons of olive oil / juice of a lemon /salt & pepper to taste

rain in LA

Mix ingredients together & add a slight drizzle of dressing (don’t you hate soggy salad!??!)… and you’ve got a perfect, healthy start to your week!  I am definitely having this for lunch… what are you having?

Enjoy SFG’s!

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  1. Adrienne says:

    This salad sounds delightful right now!!!! I love the addition of the blackberries and pickled onions!


  2. Hannah Cook says:

    This looks so good! :)

    Love this blog! Thank you girls for providing all this fun stuff! XO


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