Add SPINACH to everything… if you want to be like an Olympian!


Dear Diary,

I absolutely love watching the Olympic Games!  It’s addictive!  These athletes are so strong, disciplined, confident and dare I say… pretty damn HOT!  As I watch the American’s kick butt in every competition, I’m motivated to work my own butt off– train, sweat and discipline myself… BUT since the games are always on, every chance I get I end up sitting on my couch and watching them in action instead hah… oh well… if I’m not going to train like an Olympian, I better eat like one! … and why not take healthy eating advice from the top athletes in the world!!! I mean come on, they seem to know what they’re doing!

According to some top female athletes competing this summer at the London games, lean, green SPINACH is their secret, energizing weapon!  And they’re putting the healthy leaf in everything… even fruit SMOOTHIES!!!!  Sounds pretty yucky right?  I don’t know about you, but spinach + bananas does not sound like the most appetizing combination… but apparently, you can’t even taste the out of place vegetable!

Well I wasn’t quite convinced so I decided to try it myself… and hey if it means I get to look “Olympic Hot” sooner than later… I’m willing to give it a try.  :)  After blending a simple smoothie recipe: banana, raspberries, strawberries, protein powder… and then adding spinach… the spinach taste is almost neutralized by the overwhelming sweeter flavors in this healthy concoction.  I have to say, what a great way for me to incorporate more greens into my diet!  Spinach has such great nutritional value, full of high fiber and iron… and even though it gets a bad rap (those childhood memories of being force fed your vegetables can stay fresh in your mind well into your twenties,) it’s pretty easy to encompass in most meals… whether it be in your lunch salad, a steamy garlicky side dinner dish, or in your morning smoothie… who knew!

–  SFG Jackie

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