All Day Snacker?? Homemade Dried Fruit!


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Dear Diary,

LADIES, we do it all!  We’re constantly are on the go…  working hard and looking good doing it!  But all that effort can take its toll on our bodies.  It’s pretty common for me to have a long day and not have time to eat… six or seven hours may have gone by where I’m famished but with no snack prepared, I’m out of luck.   I realized that unless I wanted to start heading to the drive thru for a quick meal, I needed to find a healthy, filling snack that wouldn’t break the bank– and since I’m all for experimenting at home, I decided to try to make my own dried fruit!

dried fruit

Why?  Well, first of all– it’s CHEAP!  You can find all sorts of dried fruit snacks at almost any market; and many options are healthy too (watch out though– many are filled with all sorts of sugar!)  However, $10 per fruit snack adds up fast!  Secondly, anytime I can make something myself, I do it! That way, I know first hand that the food is organic and preservative free!

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It may seem like a lot of work, but it actually is SO SIMPLE.


First, pick your fruit! duuh.

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Picking fruit for drying is pretty similar to picking fruit for eating…

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Pick fruit that is ripe & firm… not too soft.

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 …and while popular dried fruits like bananas, figs and peaches are always a delicious choice– feel free to experiment and try something new!  I chose apples, mangoes, and kiwi!

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Try slicing the fruit in equal sizes for an even drying process– (I sliced my apples a little too thin– oh well, you live and you learn!)

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After slicin and dicin, place on a cooking tray covered in cheese cloth or another non-stick surface! Warning!  Don’t do what I did: tin foil ain’t a good choice!

HOW TO DRY:  If you live in a place that’s low in humidity but high in temperature– let ‘em bake au naturale in the sun!  Unfortunately, it was rainy here yesterday (it’s southern california… what are the odds??)  so I decided to use the oven instead.  The oven should be no hotter than 125 degrees… keep the door slightly ajar to let the steam escape… Time until crisp may vary depending on your oven but I’d give it at least a couple of hours.

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How do you keep your dried fruit naturally preserved to last?  Make sure you keep it in an air-tight container!

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My mango & apple crisps were a winning choice– so much sweet flavor and texture!

Dried fruit isn’t a new concept… but it never even occurred to me to make my own!  Oh how I love trying new and delicious things!  :)  Enjoy!

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  1. Vanessa says:

    Omg such a great idea! I LOVE dried fruit…..but find its always waaay too sugary when i buy it. I am definitely gonna have to try this! thanks again girls :)

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