“All I wanna do is have some…” Mousse!


Dear Diary,

Just like the fun, care-free, pop song brought to us by the beautiful Sheryl Crow, “all I wanna do is have some fun!” …but my definition of fun is a little different from Ms. Crow’s… my fun is specifically geared towards eating chocolate… lots and lots of chocolate.  Last night my boyfriend spent an hour consoling me after I had a temper tantrum over the fact that we had zero chocolate in the house… After my chocoholic moment had past, he held me close and whispered, “I think you have a problem.” I thought he was joking, and quickly realized he was dead serious… I couldn’t help but laugh, I guess my chocolate addiction is pretty obvious, and my signs of withdrawal even more so… just a daydream about chocolate and my mouth begins to salivate; and the thought of having none around makes me crave it even more!  So how am I going to make it through the summer while looking and feeling my best but still indulging? As I drove through Los Angeles on yet another traffic filled afternoon I contemplated this very problem. I turned up the volume on my radio to tune out my panicked thoughts… and at last I found my answer…
It was like a gift from the Divine—because what happened to be on NPR at that moment was a healthy dessert discussion!  NPR (national public radio) is awesome, and there is always something new and interesting to learn… on this particular afternoon, the original LA pioneer of coolness, Sheryl Crow, was on; talking about health and the importance of good nutrition… her chef, Adrian Halmagean, came up with this recipe for:  AVOCADO CHOCOLATE MOUSSE, a great dessert that is simple, natural and healthy!  As you already know from a previous blog post of mine, avocados are a healthier alternative to use in some sweet treats…this mousse really tastes so good!  It’s refreshing, healthy, and most importantly… super chocolaty!  Enjoy!

–  SFG Jackie

2 ripe, Fresh California Avocado, halved, peeled, cut

½ cup of agave syrup

½ cocoa powder (try chocolate protein powder as a substitute!)

1 ½ Teaspoon of vanilla extract and almond extract

Blend all the ingredients together and add some sliced strawberries or raspberries!

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