An Ode to Flaxseeds!


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Dear Diary,

Okay SFG’s I know that we’ve been a little “food crazy” this week… but we can’t help it.  With an array of holidays coming up, the best way to celebrate is with good food and good company.  And now that its feeling like fall (even in LA!)  It’s time for the winter hibernation of eating to begin!  But lucky for you all– I have FLAX SEED FEVER.  Yup, you heard right!  I’ve been adding this bad boy to pretty much everything… and it’s healthy effects are helping me feel mentally and physically fit all season long!

A few things you may or may not know about flax seeds:  I’ve heard them be called a “superfood”– but come on!  what does that really mean anyway??  Well while the title is still up for debate, the information I discovered proves that flax seeds are one of the most diverse ingredients with some major health benefits to boot!

Did you know flax seeds may fight heart disease, diabetes, and breast cancer?  Now why I don’t usually fall for the hype of “super-food”  (okay, who am I kidding, maybe I do :))… it is full of high omega 3 essential fatty acids that are good for heart health, it also contains lignans (acting antioxidants) as well as fiber, AND it reduces inflammation.  Fwwww… That’s a lot for such a tiny seed!  It’s rich dose of fiber will keep you feeling fuller longer… but that’s not all… what I love most about flax seeds is that they are SO EASY to add to a quick meal or use as a substitute in baking or cooking!  It can take the place of bread crumbs in my favorite meat loaf recipe…

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or in my mama’s Italian meatballs!

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It can also be added to my favorite morning smoothie… or to oatmeal… yogurt… cookies… well, you get the point!  :)


Flax seeds are better for you than flax oil– so buy the real deal!  It’s accessible almost anywhere!  And if you’re having trouble finding it– seek out your local health food store!  Now remember ladies… everything in moderation!  Even flax seeds too!  But hey– when you’re going to indulge– pick the healthy indulgences when you can… I dedicate this post to the flax seed and flax seed lovers every where!  :) KEEP ON BAKING!

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