An Unsual Engagement Blessing…How It All Happened


Dear Diary,

It happened after 3 years and 2 months, my boyfriend finally proposed!  After months of not so subtle hints… he decided to take the next step…Ah, romance :)   I couldn’t be happier or more shocked!

People keep asking how it happened and sometimes, I want to shy away from the truth.  Because like ring shopping, it didn’t exactly play out like I’d imagined it would.

It was the Saturday, after I finished wrapping on the set of, “Oh Sit,” a game show on the CW.  I play the part of an intimidating referee.  This is relevant because the work days were literally 14 to 18 hours.  So, you can imagine the bucket of sunshine I was, when I woke up without a 6:45AM alarm, to my boyfriend saying, “Hurry up and get ready, we have an 11:15AM tee time at Angeles Golf Course.”  My first response, was, “you mean YOU have a tee time.”

Please note the very hot HIGH waisted pants I’m rocking, if I can’t conceive I will blame them entirely.

After some coaxing with a quad of espresso, I threw on whatever looked warm: my purple pullover, a huge white puffy vest from North Face and black stretchy pants…here comes sexy. I looked similar to a Ronald McDonald fun house reject.

Ah, no make-up and a vest that makes me look hefty…What Not to Wear Together Ever…

After nine holes, we both weren’t playing well, and I was about to throw my clubs in the lake and start drinking, when my boyfriend, Max made a wager. For the last nine holes, we would play for, making dinner AND doing the dishes. This job usually falls on yours truly, so when these words came out of his mouth, I heard the opening song from the Lion King start playing and I felt… hope. Game on!

After 6 holes, I was winning and then it happened…I sat down and felt a sharp pain in my right buttock. Yes, I’d been stung by a bee on my ass!!! I know what you’re thinking, sweet ass…haha. I continuted to trudge a long after my usual overreaction.

We pull up to the final hole and it appeared the group ahead of us, forgot to replace the flag.  I’m not sure if you know about golf, but not replacing the pin after you putt, is considered, “bad form,”.  You need to see where the hole is, so you can aim your shot there. So, I blindly hit towards the green and landed in the sand. Max hit his shot on the lower part of the green and we carted our way to the finish.

By the way, I’m ahead by 7 strokes and am mentally preparing to clinch the win. I head to the sand, thinking about the couch time I’ll be having, while Max is cooking away.  I hit the sand shot of my life; the ball rolls perfectly on the edge and trickles towards the hole, leaving me a 6 foot putt.

I swagger a bit as I head towards my ball and then I see it…a turquoise box in the hole. This is the color of a Tiffany’s box… but I don’t want to get my hopes up it could be earrings or who knows a key chain?#%@$ So, like any graceful individual I look at Max and say, “ what is that?” And then he got down on one knee and asked, “Will you marry me?”

Our friend Stephen came running out of bushes with a video camera and I started crying. Game on.


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  1. Karen Dahl Darling says:

    Dear Lauren,
    I loved your blog! You are hilarious and I want to wish you much happiness with your wonderful guy! I hope to meet you and Jackie when I visit Val again. Hope it’s soon! All the best, Karen Dahl-Darling.

  2. Claire says:

    What a sweet story!


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