Bachelorette Beach Party!


Dear Diary,

After reading “Veuve, anyone?!” I know you’re dying to hear if we made it to the beach and I couldn’t leave y’all hanging… After leaving the Veuve truck we may or may not have spotted what we thought could be sandy beaches… See picture below.


Amber: “Could it be?! No…”

Marissa: “OMG! I think it is! Yeah, do you feel that ocean mist?”

Amber: “Honey, you’re just perspiring from our walk…”

(Interrupting as she prances past…)

SFG Lauren: “Welcome to Butterfly Beach b*tches!”


Of course, we had to make a dramatic entrance.

beachbach3 (1)

We’re there. (Said in a long drawn out/out of breath tone) Heck yes!

beachbach (1)

This calls for a beach dance party!


lauren (1)


To top it all off we even found our bride a rose bouquet in the surf. I’d say that’s better than a sand dollar. #justsayin


Oh, that’s not all folks. Stay tuned for our big night out… (Like I said, I know how to milk my posts)

P.S. – How cute are my friends?! You can be jealous because they’re all amazing people too. I know you’re all thinking, “Really you found them in LA?” Yeah! Go figure.


Photos: Valorie Darling Photography

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