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Dear Diary,

Summer screams beach waves and carefree looks. So you can imagine my despair when I found out my favorite sea salt spray was discontinued. Whhaaa?! How will I survive this tragic time? Start a petition to bring it back and write several letters to John Frieda professing my love and need for it, of course. I will reverse their decision and make the world a beautiful place again. :) No answer back?! Bastards.

So, I resorted to ordering it on ebay and other obscure websites (that I risk someone stealing my identity every time I log in) at a premium rate. Lame, but okay. I may sound irrational, but nothing compares to the coconut-y goodness smell, non-crunchy feel, and perfectly tousled tresses. I’ll do anything for good hair. ANYTHING. But even the internet has run out of my favorite beauty product. How can this be? Shouldn’t the cloud have some backed up or something?! Now it’s truly the worst day ever.

I don’t have enough time to curl my hair everyday, I just like to roll out of bed, spray and go! Easy pea-sy. So apparently I’m going to have to make time to make my own sea salt spray. Why not?! May seem crazy if I already don’t have time to spare, but I will make the time! This is serious. I can’t do expensive products that aren’t as good as my beloved Ocean Waves. Here goes nothing.

DIY Sea Salt Hair Spray

DIY Sea Salt Spray Hair Product


* 2 tbsp. epsom salt = extra texture

* 1 cup hot water (to help dissolve all ingredients)

(If you want to lighten hair you can also use chamomile tea instead of water, but you will need to keep it refrigerated.)

* 1/2 tsp. Himalayan salt or sea salt = additional stiffness

* 1/2 tsp. coconut oil = conditioning

* 1 tsp. aloe vera (pure), hair gel or pomade (whatever you got!) = lasting waves

(Pssst… make sure to use pure Aloe Vera not the ones specific for sun burn pain relief because you want to avoid adding chemicals like Lidocaine to your hair! I made this mistake when experimenting…oops.)

* (Optional) Couple drops of an essential oil (lavender, rose or coconut are my favs) = scent

* Spray bottle

Sea Salt Spray - Hair DIY

Make sure your spray bottle is on “spray” not “stream” otherwise you risk blinding yourself. Don’t mess around with salt water people!

Sea Salt Spray

I like to rub my hands together holding my hair (like you’re starting a fire with sticks) to get the perfectly messy, carefree look.



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