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Today I’m revisiting my relationship with food. This comes on the heels of two things; I just finished reading, “Sugar, Fat, Salt, How the Food Giants Hooked Us,” and also, Khloe Kardashian’s slimmed body on the cover of US Weekly. I never thought there would be a day when I was inspired by a Kardashian, but, c’mon anyone who drops 20 lbs in 3 months is pretty inspiring. She looks amazing!

So, here’s my challenge, and maybe you are up for it to, I’m no longer going to eat any processed food – this includes protein bars, ”healthy” soy chips, pretzels or yes… even cheese (I do have some string cheese left and it would be a shame to not finish them…just sayin’)  The book made me realize, any product in a wrapper, no matter what the packaging says, is full of both hidden fat and sugar.  This means one thing is going to become a necessity in my relationship with food – preparation. Khloe Kardashian reiterated this in her fight with the bulge; you have to be prepared with healthy whole food when you’re hungry.  This means packing your lunch for the day or bringing fresh veggies and fruits when you are running from audition to audition.

Luckily, companies have started to take note of this, one in particularly has caught my attention, Bentgo.  One of the reasons I liked it was obviously the color palette; the bright blue box is my favorite! But after I moved on from the aesthetics, I was impressed by Bentgo’s attention to detail: the container is divided into appropriate portions, comes with silverware and can be thrown in the dishwasher. This makes packing lunches easier, and having portion control made simple can slim down you down in no time. Take it from Khloe, knowing how much to eat was one of her biggest challenges. You can check out them out at and with summer almost here, there is no time like the present.


When it comes to being on a budget and having the tools to fight the bulge, Bentgo is a good product to have in your corner. I’ll be coming up with some new lunch ideas for you to pack, but here’s a few in the meantime.


How much better would a packed lunch with salmon, homemade granola and a spinach salad be for you? It has helped me fight off the food coma, I find myself in after eating out. I’m also more energized to got to the gym after work…You are what you eat, has some truth to it after all.


Or chicken with veggies and rice? I already feel skinnier.

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  1. Karen Dahl-Darling says:

    Love this idea Lauren! I’m going to order some for me and some for gifts for my friends.
    The colors are great!

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