Booties, Sparkles & Gold…A Holiday Inspired Shoot




Dear Diary,

We got a little crazy at a recent photo shoot…! We were discussing our fashion must haves for the season and thought – having me rolling around on the cement would be the best way to showcase my favorites. I’ll blame it on all the Casamigos Tequila I’ve been drinking…So what are my favorites, that compelled me to drop and roll? Sequence dresses, ankle booties and big hair!!(you can take the girl out of the Midwest, but you can’t take the Midwest out of the girl.) I laughed too hard at myself not to share these photos… So here’s to hoping you LOL as well.

Here’s when I found the perfect patch of land…C’mon that’s some vintage concrete!!


Then the rolling started….


And then I just couldn’t stop…Call it the holiday spirit!!


People ask me how I get my hair so big, now you know…It’s the good ole roll-on-the-ground trick.



Sparklingly clothing is so girly and fun! However, it’s not something you can get away with all the time, so when the holidays come bedazzle it up! Diane Von Furstenberg created this number… and like Macklemore, I went thrift shopping to find it.  glitter5

These ankle booties are my favorite! Work appropriate, comfortable and perfect for a night out, what more could you ask from shoe? ! I snagged them from Banana Republic for 50% off, I know I love BR, check out my other post.  You can find these ankle booties here.

glitter 3

And more rolling:) Share your favorites with us!





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