Bow-tie berserk!


Dear Diary,

I recently hosted my best friend’s baby shower up in Portland, Oregon. OMG, my friends are having children! (Momentary freak out…)  She’s having a boy, so I decided to go with a “Little MAN” theme.

Setting the tone of an event should start with the invite!  To create my invite I used these fonts: Clementine Sketch and Adler.  Check out my Pinterest board for downloadable FREE FONTS!

I got printable labels (stickers) for the envelopes and downloaded the corresponding template for the appropriate label. (Paper Source – template download) I then typed the addresses into the template with my chosen fonts.  That way, the labeling was consistent throughout the entire invite.

After printing my creation onto a heavier card stock, I cut down each invite to fit the envelope properly and backed it with burlap to match the bowties (see below).  I then used an exacto knife to cut a space in the card stock and slipped in the bowtie on a stick.  (I used double sided tape to secure the back side of the bowtie.)

 …Make your own BOWTIE…

(These are great props for photo booths too)


* Material

* BBQ Skewer Sticks

* Glue gun

* Scissors

* (Optional) Burlap

 Step 1.

Cut your material into a square (4″x4″) and glue all the edges down with the exception of one. (leave open for Step 4)

 Step 2.

Pinch the middle to create the desired shape of the bowtie.

Step 3.

Cut burlap or extra material into 1/2″ strips and glue them around the center of the bowtie.

…bowties galore…

Step 4.

Wrap the open side around the wooden stick and glue the material around it. 

Step 5.

(Optional: Attaching to invite)

When attaching to an invite: Use an exacto knife to cut two small slits in the card stock. Insert the bowtie stick through the slits. (To keep the bowtie from flopping around, I used double sided tape to secure the opposite end.)


(Bowtie & Mustache props! CHEESE.)

Stay tuned! I’ll be posting more on the DIY decor in the coming weeks!

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  1. Lucy says:

    I can’t wait to try out this DIY! These bowties are adorable!

  2. Ashley says:

    This is awesome! Thanks for the diy project… Great job.


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