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Dear Diary,

As you know SFG Lauren got hitched and we just wrapped up on all her fun wedding related festivities. (More posts to come on her epic day!) However, wedding season is just beginning for me! I’m a wedding photographer and have been lucky enough to capture the most special day for clients that then become friends. Did I mention I have the best job ever?! My next “client” is extra special because she’s already one of my best friends and soul sister. I threw her a bridal shower with another girlfriend a couple weeks ago and this is what we came up with…

Start with the invite! (Sorry for the iPhone pic)

Bridal Shower Invite - Shower the Bride

Choosing the invite will help set the tone for the party! They should seem cohesive.

Personalize your bridal shower party!

Personalize it, personalize it, personalize it!!

What is her favorite color? What does she like to eat? What’s her vibe?

Use decor and party elements you already have (I’m on a budget people!) and add a twist to make it represent the guest of honor.

Chalkboard signs are an easy way to do this!

CHEERS! - Bridal Shower Champagne Bar

Budget Tip #1: Tissue paper in lieu of more flowers…

We stuffed the metallic pots with it and they looked so cute!

Bridal Shower Pink + Metallic


Make her the center of attention!

Bridal Shower Chair - Crown

Saving Tip #2: You’d be surprised what you can find at the Dollar Tree! Spray paint $1 frames to match your color scheme… I’ve also jazzed up champagne glasses!



Saving Tip #3: Rework an old piece you have to customize it for the special occasion. In this case, I wrapped my bull horns with colorful yarn and added a flower crown. :) I swear I use him in just about every shoot and event I produce! haha.


Bridal Shower details

Saving Tip #4: Paint old mason jars or chalkboard them.


Find the “W”…

Healthy Banana Froyo - Bridal Shower Healthy eats! - Mini Mason jars!

Our bride has a food and fitness blog so we used all of her recipes for her party! This is healthy, all-natural FROYO! Get Abby’s recipe on her blog SayiWon’tFit!



Bridal Shower Games: (We played…)

* 20 Questions

(Ask the groom a set of questions and have the guests write down the number they think the bride will correctly guess. For every wrong answer the bride has to chew a piece of bubble gum!)

* Oh Sh*t Kit!

(Put an item the bride will need on her big day (ie. sewing kit, mints, double sided tape, stain remover pen, etc…) in a numbered paper bag. Pass the bags around and have the guests feel inside to guess what it is. Write it down next to the corresponding number.)

* How Old Am I?

(Pass around a collection of numbered photos of the bride at various ages and have the guest write down the age they think she is. You’ll need a family members help for this one.)

Bridal Shower Games - Guess the brides age! - Hang photos of the bride at different times in her life and have the guests write down what age they think she is in each pic! Don't forget the prizes!


Saving Tip #5: Can’t afford a photo booth? Create your own with hanging old frames. People can stage their own shoots!

Bridal Shower - Hanging photo Frames - photo booth ideas



Party favor treats!


I stuffed a colorful pillow in one of my Glamma’s old hat boxes and it made for the sweetest set up!

Thank you - Bridal Shower guest goodies - Healthy trail mix!

I love a theme party, but they sometimes get a bad rap because they can be cheesy. (Which also is sometimes what you’re going for and lots of fun!) People forget that themes aren’t limited to Cowboy, Hawaiian, Sailor, Barbie…

Pinterest is a great reference! I love using a phrase, color palette, favorite restaurant, etc… for inspiration! By thinking outside the box you’re opening yourself up to tie in new, unique elements that give your theme something different than what’s been done before.

Here are some “themes” that I love that aren’t so on the nose…

Bridal Shower Theme Ideas:

* Je t’aime

(“I love you” in French for a Parisian element – remember the movie Bridesmaids?! Ha)

* Xs + Os

* Something Sweet!

(Play on “Something old, something new, something borrowed”… for all those brides out there with a sweet tooth! I’m envisioning adorable macaroons and a fantastic candy bar!)

*Mix + Muddle

(Champagne Bar Brunch anyone?!)

* Glitter Girls

(“She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten”… We did this for SFG Lauren’s bachelorette! Have everyone wear something sparkly!)

* Pretty in Pink

(Use shades of pink and metallics throughout the party!)

* Lips

(Kissing her last name away! I’m doing this one for Abby’s bachelorette this weekend!)

What are your favorite party tips and themes? I especially love the budget friendly ones! Make sure to leave a comment and let us know!


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