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Dear Diary,

I’m not a big party girl… If I ever have to make a choice between a night on the town or a small get-together at home… it is no contest. I absolutely love entertaining!– cooking a big feast, listening to some great tunes, and just having some drinks with good friends.

Thursday night my boyfriend and I decided to have a little partaaaay… not only was I intimidated by the menu I was attempting to create, but I was a little nervous about the guest list as well…  We’re lucky to have a very diverse group of friends: actors, writers, agents, musicians, and engineers… a little random, no? ha… trust me, get them all in one room and the differences are obvious…  well despite my initial fears, I’m happy to report that the night was a huge success in every way!  We all had so much fun and with everyone in a great mood, the night was filled with laughter, booze and lots and lots of Italian food.

Italy holds a special place in my heart… I lived in Florence for six months while studying abroad in college, where I developed a keen interest in the Italian language and culture.  I was also lucky enough to grow-up with authentic Italian food!  Living in NY, finding great Italian food is as easy as snappin your fingers!  And even though I’m only 1/8 Italian, my house was always filled with the sweet aroma of Italian cooking.  My parents were fortunate enough to spend a majority of their twenties living abroad in Rome…  thus authentic Italian food was a consistent treat.

Thursday was not my first time cooking Italian food, but it my first timing cooking such an abundant amount of it!

For the antipasti I made a caprese salad which is simply mozzarella (find at a local Italian market for the freshest and creamiest,) tomato, and basil– drizzled in olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  I also baked home-made pizza with melted ricotta and mozzarella, and jalapenos for some kick!

For the main course I whipped together a fettuccine pesto dish, and homemade gnocchi!  Yes HOME MADE– it might seem intimidating but it really isn’t!  All you need are boiled russet potatoes, flour and egg!  1)  Roll out the dough into long lines and chop into small balls, 2)  then roll them with your fork to create little crevices for sauce and cheese to set in!  To create your own simple, tomato sauce all you need are onions, garlic, olive oil, basil, nutmeg, oregano, and of course tomatoes!

Making Italian food is very simple… you just want to make sure you use correct, authentic ingredients!

Try it yourself for your next dinner party! :) … and don’t forget NUTELLA the decadent Italian, chocolate-hazelnut spread– lather fruit or bread with Nutella for an easy and delicious dessert!

–  SFG Jackie

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