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Dear Diary,

I don’t know about you, but the holidays really take it out of me and especially my BANK ACCOUNT! I try to stick to a budget, make homemade hostess gifts, search all the cheapest airlines, and reevaluate all my friendships to see if they actually deserve a present. Just kidding on the last one…haha. No, really I just try not to buy any of my friends presents at all until I know they’re getting something for me. JK again. Okay, okay, I’m lying. I actually do that. Sometimes… But most importantly, I definitely keep my head down and nose in my phone as I briskly walk past those cute little girl scouts outside every grocery store harassing you to stop and buy cookies, all while judging you for not investing in their future and adding to their sash patch flare. They always get me on the way out though, otherwise I leave the store everyday feeling like a bad person. Damn, thin mints!

With that being said, my bank account is dwindling as I write this post and I don’t have extra cash to spare to replace my much needed bronzer. The very thing that keeps me looking less like “death warmed up” in the winter months. So I decided to turn to my kitchen to create something other than a meal… my makeup. It’s all natural, and so far it hasn’t made my skin go crazy and I’m liking the results.




* Cocoa Powder – for color

* Cinnamon – for added glow (I used a couple teaspoons)

* Alcohol – to set it

(THIS WILL ALSO WORK TO FIX YOUR BROKEN COMPACT! A couple drops of alcohol, press the broken pieces into a paste and let dry.)

* (Optional) Butter Knife – to mix the powder and smooth in compact

* (Optional) Makeup Brush – to clean edges

* (Optional) Corn Starch – to lighten bronzer to desired look


1. Mix the cinnamon and cocoa powder together (use an approximate amount to fit your container)


2. (Optional) Mix in as much corn starch as desired to lighten your bronzer color.


3. Add the appropriate amount of powder to fit the compact space. (IF YOU LIKE LOOSE POWDER YOU CAN ALSO STOP HERE AND USE AS IS. For that, add the powder back into an old loose powder makeup container. Those vented lids helps portion out powder properly and won’t cause a mess.)


4. To create the pressed bronzer, pour several drops of alcohol into your container.


5. The amount of alcohol should just be enough to coat the powder. Don’t go overboard.


6. I like to clean off the edges of my compact. Let’s keep things pretty people! (However, this step should really be #7. Oops.)


7. Using a butter knife or your finger, smooth out the mixture.


8. Leave it to dry out and set properly.

Val Bronzer

I use this bronzer on my cheeks, and since it doesn’t have shimmer I also use it to contour my face as well.


I saw this guide on where to highlight vs contour and thought y’all might find it helpful. It breaks down the specific areas to contour and how it benefits your look.


I also contour around the edges of my face and jawline. (Not shown on the above contouring guide.) Using my brush to blend the cheekbone color all the way into my hairline at the top of my ear. Think of the brush strokes around your face creating a “3” or “E”- forehead, cheek, chin. Does that make sense?


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  1. Gj says:

    Wow, I’m really excited to try this!


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