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Remember that crazy phase in the 90s when people would draw in their eyebrows to look like Gwen Stefani from No Doubt? Yeah, that happened and barely there brows are not a good look… I remember my first encounter with tweezers like it was yesterday. Not because it was a fun coming of age thing, but mainly because it was so painful it’s burned into my memory. It was eighth grade and my best friend at the time was already in high school and figured out what was cool way before me. One day she informed me that my brows were “like leaches” and she would do me the favor of “fixing” them. She literally held down and tore at my face with that sharp little torture device… She had so much work to do that she eventually let me take breaks to ice them. When they were finished they were slightly different shaped, very thin, and shockingly white underneath – my eyelids hadn’t seen the light of day for 12 years. I remember them resembling something similar to this…(first image). haha. That friend later became an amazing esthetician – I guess I was a good guinea pig?!

Eyebrows truly help frame your face, so make sure to groom them properly.

1. Run an imaginary line along the side of your nose to determine where your eyebrow should start.

2. Imagine a line from the tip of your nose through the center of your iris – this is where the peak of your arch should be.

3. From the tip of your nose to the outer edge of your eye determines where your eyebrow should end.

eyebrow tutorial

How crazy do these celebs look without eyebrows?!

The importance of good eyebrows

Say HELLO to SFG guest beauty contributor and brow specialist, Danika Lamb!
Below she’s listed 3 common brow mishaps and ways to correct them.
Artistry by Danika

The key to gorgeous brows is balance. Here are some of my tips and fixes to a few common brow problems.

Full, natural brows are beautiful, but they can become heavy and overwhelming for the face. To keep them looking groomed, invest in a good pair of tweezers and manicure scissors. Use the scissors to trim and remove bulk from the brow by brushing them all the way up with a brow brush and trim  only the longest hairs. Tweeze just the obvious strays and the hairs in-between  the brows. Keep them in place throughout the day with a clear brow gel. One to try is Billion Dollar Brows Clear Brow Gel.

Most women at some point in their lives have gotten a little carried away with their tweezers. The result is over tweezed brows with no real shape. The obvious remedy would be to hide your tweezers, but if you find they aren’t growing back in you may want to try a product formulated to stimulate hair growth. One I like is Grande Lash. Then there is always the option of doing brow restoration. This is a procedure that can actually restore brows to their “virgin” shape.  Bosley and Dr. Craig Ziering are known for this procedure.

Some brows are very fine and need a little boost to “thicken” them up. An easy way to do this, is to simply use a brow powder. Laura Mericier makes a nice one that comes in a compact with two colors. One is lighter and the other is darker. This makes it easy to mix and blend for a nice natural look. Apply the powder with an angled brow brush. Start at the beginning of the brow with quick upward strokes and finish with feathered downward strikes on the end. Another option is seeing a brow professional that can add a colored tint to your brows. The tint will add volume and natural color that can last for up to 3 weeks.

Danika’s recommendations!

Danika Lamb Brow Recommendations

Grande Lash: $64.95 // Sephora Pro Brow Brush: $14 // Laura Mercier Duo Powder: $27 // Billion Dollar Brow Boost: $20 // BDB Gel: $15


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