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Dear Diary,

Since making the big move in with my boyfriend (Ahhh. Help, I live with a boy!) its been fun and sometimes challenging to combine our things. Shabby chic doesn’t quite meld well with bachelor pad… dang it.

Luckily for me, I’m dating a Southern boy so he also enjoys all things monogrammed – or at least he’s been accustomed to it his entire life. This boy even has monogrammed drinking glasses! Whole ‘nother level. I, however, was raised by hippie parents who never understood my desire to get things monogrammed so I was just left to be jealous. I was the black sheep of my family.

It’s also a plus to know that my “D” for “Darling” (as in my last name) details don’t have to be packed up because I’m also dating a “D” – for “Dewey”! Love and hate the idea of not having to change my initials if we get married. I learned at the tender age of 10 that “VD” wasn’t the coolest of letter combinations… Who knew that my 5th grade campaign for ASB Vice President would be overshadowed by the scandal of my slogan: “Vote VD for VP”. I thought it was clever too. Despite elementary school humiliation, I held my ground and stuck with my campaign strategy and won! Thank you very much.

So enough about the trauma of living with my initials. Here’s my home decor tutorial!

…Monogrammed Burlap Canvas…

DIY - Burlap Monogram


* Burlap (or desired material)

* Canvas

* Scissors

* Glue (I prefer hot glue gun!)

* Stencil

* Magic marker


All your supplies.


1. Cut the burlap around the canvas making sure to leave 2” space around the edges.


2. Use your hot glue gun (or preferred glue) to secure the sides of the burlap to your canvas.


3. Trace your stencil letter onto the burlap and fill in with a black magic marker.

4. Place canvas on desired shelf. Simple as that!

…My other decor details…


I know I have a slight obsession with horns, but I swear I love animals!


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  1. justsomejane says:

    that is so easy and i adore the look! I am going to have to do one for my home!!

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