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PicCollageDear Diary,

Watching the Oscar’s Red Carpet, was like being a kid in a candy store… without an allowance.  Pale colors seemed to dominate Sunday night’s soiree, – soft whites, pale pinks, and delicate blues – I felt like I was watching the runway of a bridal collection I could never afford.  Or maybe I’m just in a “wedding place,” being that I’ve been searching up and down the coast of Southern California for a venue – and striking out miserably. Do you know that it costs $5,000 to rent a barn? Yes, rustic chic weddings are in and all the barns in SoCal have gotten the memo.

Before I become too much of a downer, let’s move on to the hair of the evening. Seemingly effortless hair was out in full force; pixie cuts, updo’s loosely pulled back and bed head…ok maybe, that was just Kristen Stewart. But there is something to be said about tousled hair – it’s so feminine and classy. I love it!

So, when the SFG’s got together this week, I threw on a printed maxi, and was inspired to create wavy, care-free hair with fresh make-up. I apologize to the mid-westerners, who are experiencing the worst snow storm in about 20 years, while I’m twirling around in a maxi dress. I grew up in Chicago, so I’m no stranger to shoveling snow and freezing temperatures. The weather may be the reason I’ve never moved back home.

lauren (1)


I love this maxi from Aqua, they have some interesting prints and are less then $125! I picked up this number from Bloomingdales and it’s a perfect go-to for spring daytime activities. The necklace is from Aldo and was under $15, it really brings out the turquoise accents in the print. Or if you have a t-shirt lying around you can always make your own print. Check out Val’s post DIY: Printed T-shirt.


While, we here, at SFG, have always been weary of posting copious amounts of pictures of ourselves for fear of total self-involvement (rather than being  kinda self-absorbed) We have been following other bloggers and images seem to dominate the blogscape. We love pretty images, just as much as the next person, so bear with us as we make some changes.IMG_8870

It looks as though, I’m checking my pulse is this picture above, when in actuality, I was trying make my waist look smaller. Maybe not so much, haha.




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  1. Adele says:

    I want these waves Lauren! You look SO gorgeous – even when taking your pulse ;)

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