Celery Sticks!


Dear Diary,

I’m an eater.  Like human-garbage-disposal-style eater!  I tend to clean my plate, then turn to the diner next to me and ask, “Are you going to finish that?” in the hopes of scoring a few extra bites.  Growing up, my family – specifically my Glamma – was concerned that I was going to be overweight.  She said a lady always leaves something on her plate, and I never wanted to disappoint her, so I always did…MY FORK!

I can honestly say there are very few foods I don’t enjoy.  I just love all foods!  Then there’s CELERY.  Vomit…I hate celery.  From its non-existant taste, to its stringy texture.  I wish I was one of those healthy snackers and could grab a zero calorie stick, but even after lathering it in peanut butter and M&Ms, I can’t disguise that it’s still celery.

Since I don’t like to discriminate, I thought why not at least play with the food I don’t want to consume.  Enter: CELERY STAMPS!



*Celery stock


*Paint & brush

*Card stock




1. Cut the celery about 2-3 inches from it’s base (cross-section should look like a flower)

2. Paint the newly-exposed area (“flower”) of the cut celery

3. Press it down on the card stock

4. (Optional) Wait for it to dry, and then add a message

Voila! Homemade cards for all occasions!

So I guess I do like ALL foods.  Celery isn’t so bad…

Xo – SFG Valorie

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