CHANGE IT UP… if only for the weekend!


Dear Diary,

Coachella is the best music festival in SO-CAL– the hottest ticket in town, people wait all year round to go to this amazing event!   And I totally understand why… who wouldn’t want to spend the weekend listening to bands while hanging out with friends under the desert sun?!   Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it this year and I’m heart broken!  With all the school work I’ve had recently– I’ve spent most of my free time eating Reese’s Puffs out of the box, sitting in the dark and watching way too much reality television.  I need to switch it up, let loose– I need a CHANGE!

Do you ever just want to try out a new look… temporarily?  I’m way too chicken to make some sort of drastic change and stick with it– this of course is coming from a girl who has never dyed her hair or shaped her eyebrows…  I live by the rule– “‘if it’s not broke… don’t fix it…” and for better or worse, I shy away from any product that has the potential of doing permanent damage of any kind… which I have to admit– can be a little boring…

Avoiding work last week, I was browsing urbanoutfitters online– one of my favorite stores– wanting to buy anything and everything I found– when I came across hair make-up!  Similar to hair chalk, this product allows you to mix up your look temporarily by painting fun colors onto your hair!

This weekend, I decided to mix up my look with a couple of simple purple streaks; not only did this product work well with my dark brown hair, but the best part is– it washes out in the shower!  That way I can stay professional during my 9-5 work week and get wild and funky on the weekends!  And with the summer and more music festivals on the way… you know you want to try it too! Now all I need is a TAN!

If you want to check out my new look– like us on facebook at our skinnyfatgirl page-- pictures are posted! :)

LIVE a little!

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