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Dear Diary,

So it’s been two weeks and I’ve been trying not to eat processed food. I didn’t nail this challenge, but chips are nowhere to be found in my household! I mean, that’s something, right? I started out so strong – but it’s just really hard to cook every meal with my lifestyle. I literally am driving all the time for work and I pretty much get hungry every 3 hours. So not grabbing a packaged item from a gas station was near impossible…and by that, I mean impossible. I had a couple slip ups – turkey jerk, seriously, why is it so good?

However, I did start to bring more fruits and vegetables into my diet. This really helped my skin – it’s starting to look brighter and my hair has been growing at a rabbit’s pace. This sparked another idea, why not continue my challenge for the rest of May and make the swim suit section a better place come June. I wanted to make it a little more fun, though. Instead of telling myself what not eat…I’ve decided to come up with swim suit friendly recipes; using whole grains, vegetables and fruit. This just felt like a better way to look at it.

I’ve also discovered a few tricks to keep myself on track… Meet my friends: cayenne pepper and cinnamon. These two spices kick start your metabolism and help detoxify your body.


I actually put cayenne pepper in my morning shakes and sprinkle it on my salad. Also, remember this cayenne spaghetti squash dish? It’s amazing and low-carb too!SONY DSC

When, I’m not using cayenne – cinnamon goes in my morning protein shakes. It, also finds its way into my coffee, on apples and anything else that seems reasonable.


Two piece swimsuit, it’s on…


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