Coffee Cocktail?!


Dear Diary,

Summer has always represented “break” to me, however not being in school anymore and in a career (wedding photography) thats busy season is summer changes all that.  I’m constantly pumping myself with caffeine to get through the day and occasionally wanting to cut loose on an off night. However, I definitely still need that coffee to keep me going, so I played with mixing the two. I’m putting a whole new meaning on coffee-aholic. If you love coconut and coffee you’ll also love Jackie’s homemade coconut popsicle float or you could check out the other time we froze coffee for the sake of beauty

Coffee Ice Cubes

Pour coffee into ice cube trays and freeze.

Coffee Cocktail Recipe


* 1 oz coconut milk

* 1 oz Kahlua

* 1 oz coffee

* Frozen coffee ice cubes

* (Optional) Sprinkle of cinnamon – (But you know how we feel about this miracle metabolism booster!)


Don’t judge me, you can also skip the Kahlua and just have it as an iced coffee! Annndddd the coffee ice cubes won’t water down your cup of joe! Cheers to that!


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