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Dear Diary,

If you read our Lauren Conrad blog post you learned a couple beauty tricks, one using our favorite source of caffeine: coffee. Here’s another! After you brew your cup of joe, take the old coffee grinds and mix it together with coconut oil. This is a wonderful exfoliant for your body. (A bit too harsh for your delicate face though)

Put your coffee scrub in your shower and rub the mixture all over your body. Let it sit on your skin for a couple minutes to allow the caffeine to work. It aids in tightening skin and reducing cellulite. Follow this with a soapy rinse. The quicker you use your homemade product the harder it will work for you – the caffeine slowly wears off…


1: Take your old coffee grinds and put them in a sealable jar for shower caddy storage.

2: Heat up a couple tbsp of coconut oil and pour it over the used coffee grinds.

3: Stir the coconut oil into the scrub until it’s equally distributed.


Voila! An all-natural, exfoliate you can make easily at home without having to spend a dime!

Val Scrub Coffee






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