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I blinked, and it’s August!  I can’t believe how quickly the season goes by… we’re officially in the height of summer, and I’m taking full advantage.  I usually find myself day-dreaming about summer by early February– I get excited about beach days, pool parties and margaritas with my girlfriends, but soon my day dreams turn into delusions… Suddenly, as I picture myself enjoying all these sunny festivities (with food/drinks galore), I’m magically 10 lbs. thinner with a spray tan!

I envision that by the time the hot weather rolls around, my body will be perfect and I’ll feel confident in all the seasonal attire that goes along with summer fun… but of course, it never quite turns out that way…  why doesn’t it ever turn out that way, you ask?  Because my fantasy transformation is completely ABSURD!!

But as each year goes by, I get more confident with who I am and the beautiful body I got… but instead of panicking about what bikini is going to fit the way I want, I often decide to go with a good old fashion one piece instead.  In my opinion, one pieces often get a bad rep– often times a little coverage can make you look even hotter than a bikini– especially when you’re lucky enough to be rockin’ one by L*Space!


For me, if I’m not feeling comfortable with what I’m wearing, there is NO WAY I can enjoy my day… I get too self-conscious!  In the past couple of years, I’ve really made an effort to let that go– it’s not easy to put your neuroses aside when you’re not feeling your best, but it’s important to go out and enjoy your life whether you’re feeling super-awesome or not!  Staying healthy and picking outfits that make you feel the most comfortable though do make this struggle a little bit easier… :)

The night before this shoot, I had a quesadilla and nachos with all the fixings… it was cheesy, oily and completely amazing… and I’d go crazy (and be a complete liar) if I said I was happy to eat only salads and nuts for the entire summer!  I eat what I love (in moderation of course), and don’t want to feel like my indulgences are going to haunt me in a swim suit the next day.


That’s where the right swimsuit comes into play :) Confidence on the beach (even after a night of cocktails and delicious mexican food) is possible when you choose a swimsuit that you love… This suit by L*Space is flirty and figure-flattering– camouflaging areas that I want to avoid, while creating focus where I want it… it shows off my curves, without feeling like I’m on display.

I love bikinis too, but what’s wrong with a cute onesie!? Instead of worrying about how flat my stomach looks, I’m able to enjoy the beautiful waves and focus on having fun!!     No wonder the suit is named “the sweet thing” one piece ;)


Be confident and love being you this summer :)  Share with us your summer stories!

One piece: L*Space

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