4Y5A5043Dear Diary,

If these pictures remind you of a Sears catalogue spread… that’s because it is.  Just kidding… but for fun let’s call it SFG magazine! Lauren, Valorie and I were inspired by fall trends… and just had to do a fun photo shoot to share our favorite styles.

Jackie Sweater 4

Jackie Sweater 6

My style is what one would consider the happy medium between fashion and comfort.  And seriously… what is more comfortable than a sweater?!  So when packing for my trip home for thanksgiving… it immediately was tossed in the “yes” pile.  I mean, let’s be honest… when visiting home and seeing old friends… or maybe running into that guy who never noticed you in high school… you want to look your best, without looking like you are trying… am I right?

Jackie Sweater

Jackie Sweater 2

While it is amazing to be back in New York for the holidays with my closest family and friends… the bitter cold did not provide the warm welcome I was looking for from my hometown…  how I lived with this insanely cold weather for the first 22 years of my life… I’ll never know… but fortunately, NY didn’t realize that I had brought my secret weapon this year… thank goodness that big sweaters are back in style.

Check out this urbanoutfitters BDG Sweater in purple– $ 59 dollars… not bad for my favorite purchase of the season…

4Y5A5038I’ve been wearing this sweater a little too much lately… but what can I say?!  It’s the perfect sweater for every occasion… including holiday traveling!  While it was definitely in need of some febrezein’ after wearing it to the beach, out for drinks, one day at work… and basically every day since it’s purchase 1 week ago…I decided that the six and a half hour plane ride back to NY wouldn’t be as fashionable or as comfortable without it :)

side note: This plane ride was the worst… let’s get real for a second.  I love kids!  Kids are the greatest!  And mom’s, I can’t even imagine how difficult (and oh yeah… rewarding) it is to care of a child!  But NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING is worse than sitting next to toddlers on planes.  SFG’s, avoid at all costs!  Beg your neighbors for mercy and switch seats… take a later flight… trust me, after one hour of screaming children you’re ready to pull your hair out!… or your sweater thread… but don’t worry, the toddler will take care of that for you :)  the 2 year old was yanking at my sweater the entire flight… but thankfully… this sweater is pretty sturdy!

finally got an hour of sleep after an exhausting plane ride… and just like in OZ… clicked my favorite knee high boot heels three times– “there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…” … opened my eyes… and finally, I arrived… HELLO NY!!!4Y5A5079

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    I totally agree! Fashionable Comfort is the way forward! You look lovely!


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