Date Night Sweet Treat: Chocolate Covered Banana


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Dear Diary,

The summer weather always has been craving something cold and sweet– I find myself at restaurants saying “Excuse me waiter, dessert for two please. And um… do you mind removing the calories for me?  Thanks so much…” Sigh.  If only it were that easy… Last night was me and my man’s date night– the perfect excuse to snuggle up to a movie on hump day.  The night started off with some simple and delicious dishes…

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and of course some wine…

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Followed by my mom’s Italian meatball recipe… and roasted sweet potato and asparagus for sides

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But no meal would be complete without a sweet treat… Chocolate covered bananas are nothing new– we’ve all had them, and we all crave them… but did you realize how simple and healthy this treat really is when you do it right??  I decided to make simple and easy chocolate covered banana slices– where four slices are approximately 100 calories (and trust me, four decadent slices will go a long way!)

First melt a bar of organic dark chocolate 70% cacao over a pot of boiling water             blog 025

Put a whole banana in the fridge to cool, then slice and coat in the melted chocolate

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Buy slices of almonds and chop until pieces are tiny

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Sprinkle some cocoa powder and almonds onto chocolate banana slices… cocoa powder is the low-fat component of chocolate– the perfect garnish!

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Place slices on a plate and place in the freezer to cool

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After one hour they’ll be ready to eat!

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To make the night more festive, I placed the banana slices in mason jar…

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Perfect for storing banana slices in the freezer for my next craving! :)

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