Dear Diary,

Help!  I’m in BOOB PRISON!!!!! This mugshot is an example for all you ladies out there who’ve ever dreamed about having bigger boobs… take my word for it, they’re NOT WORTH the hassle!  Now if you’re like me, suffering from DDD (double d disorder), you know that big knockers=less fun.

When I was a teen, I was a perfect C cup, just the right size… I loved being able to fill out adorable tops and bikinis; while not feeling their weight on back, nor looking the part of a top-heavy, mature-looking woman…

In theory, big boobs are great; every day you wake up looking like Kate Upton!  But in reality, they’re my worst nightmare realized– one day I woke up… looked down at my breasts and didn’t even recognize myself!  What are these things??  Whoever these imposters were, they had consumed my perfect C’s and had left melons in their place!  With time I’ve adjusted…

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 2.22.36 AM

Despite their size, my boobs are still my favorite asset; I love their feminine shape, but while they now look even better in lingerie, their size does make it a little tougher to fit into couture!– fair trade though if you ask me… ;)

But the hardest part of having big boobs is finding the RIGHT bras to keep them perky and youthful.  “Boob maintenance” is not a term you may hear often, but it should be!  Ladies, our boobs will not stay this perfect forever!  Especially with gravity weighing them down… it is important to take care of your bodies– boobs included; and protect them from the dangerous elements attacking their health every day!

Here are a few facts to keep in mind about bras:

1) THEY SHOULD FIT: bras should sit evenly on your breast; your boobs should not be popping out of the cup, this means the bra is too small!  If you’re not sure what size you are or if the bras are fitting correctly, a bra consultant will be happy to help you find the right bra for your size and shape– you can find them at almost any bra retail/department store.

2) YOU SHOULD NOT WEAR THE SAME BRA EVERY DAY: A bras elasticity will not remain as strong if you wear the bra too often; in order for your boobs to stay perky and your wallet to stay full; you want to the bra to last as long as possible!

3) 1 YEAR CYCLE: Bra consultants say that a bra is only good for 6 months… while this may seem like a marketing ploy; consultants may not be too far off… however, I certainly can’t afford to be buying bras all that often so  I follow the one year rule:  I take care of my QUALITY bras, and buy new each year… donating my old bras to a local women’s shelter.

My top recommendations for the best fit:

Intimacy bras are known to have that sexy look and shape women crave, while also providing the support we need!

Lululemon’s exercise bras are my “go to” brand; they provide the proper support so that I can focus on my work-out at the gym… not on my bouncing boobs in the mirror!


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