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Dear Diary,

My post Bow-tie Berserk! focused on my DIY baby shower INVITES. I promised I would also share my DIY baby shower DECOR, so here it is…with some of it highlighted in my MATERNITY shoot with the guest of honor, Erin.

As you are about to see I was running a one-woman sweat shop out of my apartment and although I was pleased with the final products my back is now that of an eighty-year-old and my little fingers are still callused and bloodied. JK. Sorta…I think the real incredible thing was transporting this from LA to Portland! Let’s just say the baggage claim didn’t know what hit them…and I forgot about those extra baggage fees. FML. Only for you Erin… Love you!

…DIY Banner…

Shhh…Don’t tell Home Depot! I took several PAINT CHIP cards to use as CARD STOCK in my banner. (Hey, I gotta work on a budget here people! And if it’s free it’s not stealing! Ha.)


* Card stock

* Printed letters

(Check out my free fonts here)

* Burlap (Optional)

* Double sided tape

* Scissors

* Yarn

How To:

1. Cut the card stock into triangles.

2. Print your letters in a large font size. Cut them out individually.

3. Tape them onto your triangle-shaped card stock.

4. I then backed mine with burlap material and strung it together with yarn.

My best friend & her husband modeling my banner. How cute are they?! I know, it’s annoying.


…Cupcake Holder Banner…

(Creates a fun accordian “pinwheel” style)


* Cupcake holders

* Printed letters

* Clothes pins

* Yarn

* Card stock or Burlap (I’m obviously obsessed with burlap)

* Double-sided tape

* Scissors


How To: 

1. Flatten out the cupcake holders.

2. Cut the letters out and tape them onto the middle of the cupcake holder.

3. Back the “pinwheels” with card stock or burlap.

4. Use the clothes pins to secure the letters to the yarn.

…Baby Guessing GAME…

Can you guess which ones are celebrities?

…DIY Tassles…

(Great for balloon strings or as I used them…PHOTO BOOTH backdrop)


* Plastic table cloth


* Yarn

How To:

1. Cut the plastic table cloth into 1 inch wide strips.


2. Take 4-5 strips and tie the middle of the strips to the yarn.

3. Repeat this alternating colors.

4. When you hang one end up it creates this effect.

Tassels in the PHOTO BOOTH!


…Candy Bar…



…Welcome Table…

Cards for well wishes to the Little MAN & a sign up for delivered dinners to the new parents. I painted the inside of mason jars as the pen holder. (Also used in the PHOTO BOOTH station to hold mustaches & bow-tie props)

…Wishes for the Little MAN…

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    Wow! Martha Stewart in the house…


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