Derby Days Themed Affair


Dear Diary,

My favorite line used to be “Ugggh!! I don’t know what to wear black or… black.” However, since Pinterest, I have been inspired to go outside my comfort zone when choosing clothing. Color and prints now hang among my signature black pieces.  I guess, always dressing in all black is an ailment of being a Skinny Fat Girl.  I mean, what color is better suited to making you look your skinniest?

Sometimes, I’ll find myself slipping and black on black finds its way back into my rotation. It happens to me, when I’ve had a bad week and am feeling like a blimp. It sucks, but hiding in my clothes makes me feel better. It’s moments like these, I have to snap myself out it. One way, and you may find this unbearable cheesy, but it has worked – is attending themed events.  I never thought the day would come when I would say that out loud, but I will actually go into a dressing room and try things on!!! THIS is a rare thing for me to do, dressing rooms are my personal nightmare. Especially the ones with horrible lighting and mirrors that make you look wider… which is every one. Themes can be a little annoying, especially, the all white parties.  But, they make me try on new things and I can use a nudge from time to time.

When planning for my bachelorette party, we opted to choose some themes for the weekend.  For wine tasting, we thought, Derby Days would be fun and reward us with some bright photos. Floppy hats and colorful sundresses turned out to be the perfect way to spend an afternoon drinking…Did I mention how far removed I found myself from black?! I went all out for it; in this colorful Karen Millen ensemble, Chili Beans Sunglasses and homemade sash. It was an amazing weekend.


This was another one of those moments, that you are only allowed to get away with, when you are getting married. LOL, the gleeful I’m getting married dance anyone?! Nerd alert


 Seriously love Val’s purple hat! Jackie’s side braid was pretty amazing…



I know theme’s can be daunting, but they help with packing…!


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