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Dear Diary,

I’m slightly obsessed with taking photos. I mean helllooooo I made it my job! haha. So having pictures of the people I love hanging around my house is important to me. My favorite place though, is the kitchen! Probably because I spend most of my time in there contemplating my next meal… oops. There’s definitely limited real estate on my fridge for more photos because it’s already collaged to the max like a teeny bopper’s bedroom wall.

And lately my free phone book magnets are sparse and not holding it down so I have to resort to buying some… But why would I do that when I have old glass vase fillers and buttons lying around? I sense a DIY project in the works!

DIY Button Magnets



* Buttons

* Magnetic Strip

* Permanent Glue

(The magnetic strips I had were already sticky so I didn’t even need the glue.)

* Scissors


1. Cut off a tiny part of the magnetic (the width of the button, not longer)

2. Stick it or glue it to the back of the button

3. That’s it! How easy is that?!


If you’re using the vase filler glass beads the magnet will likely show through (clear beads or colored). My solution to that would be cut out tiny pictures of your friends and fam (small enough to fit in the bead’s circumference), pretty colors or shots out of magazines, etc. and glue them to the back of the clear filler bead. Then, glue or stick the magnet to the back or the jazzed up glass bead. Bam! I just redid your fridge, son!


How cute do they look?!

What other household items would look cute as a magnet?! Please share with us on our Facebook page!


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  1. BerryBloomXO says:

    They look super cute and I love the idea! <3

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