DIY Flash Tats – Festival Fashion


Dear Diary,

Headed to Coachella this weekend?! Or just ready for an awesome outdoor music festival?! Then you’re gonna need your best festival fashion! (aka. Flash Tats!)

I somehow narrowly escaped the poorly placed, ironic tattoo during my teenage years… Phew! But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to fully part take in the temporary tattoo craze!! However, I also find it difficult to spend $25 on something that only lasts a couple days. Enter my DIY solution – Homemade Flash Tats!

Flash Tattoos with Friends! Festival Fashion

These puppies are the real deal, and they’re pretty uh. mazzze. ing!

DIY Flash Tatts - Festival Fashion - Tattoos


* Lace, stencil, eyelet material

* Non-toxic Neon or Metallic Paint

* Paint brush or sponge

DIY Flash Tattoos


1. Place the piece of lace on your desired location.

DIY Flash Tattoos - Festival Fashion

2. Use your paint or ink pad (FYI – this didn’t work as well, and I went back over with paint.)

3. Let the paint dry. Lift the lace up and free hand any spots that need sprucing up!

Metallic Temporary Tattoo

DIY Flash Tats at your service!

DIY Temporary Tattoos - Lace + Neon Non-Toxic Paint

1. Take another piece of lace or stencil and place it on your body.

2. Brush the neon paint in the holes. (Yay! It’s like paint by numbers!)

DIY Neon Tattoos - Festival Fashion

3. Let body paint dry, then remove lace or stencil.

4. Touch up any messy edges of your design. Have fun with it!

DIY Neon Flash Tatts!

For more DIY fun check out my jazzed up Cowboy boots I made for Stagecoach a couple years ago! Don’t have time to make your own?! My girlfriend over at Old Smokey Boots got you covered!

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