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Dear Diary,

You don’t need Valentine’s Day to have a fun game/date night with your significant other. If you’ve read any of my posts, you know doing crafts and creating a fun project that you can gift to your man is a great excuse to add some surprise into your relationship.


* Mod Podge

* Paint brush or sponge

* Rubber cement

* Magazines

* Scissors

* Rubber cement

* Jinga game

* Paint

* Marker


Cut out the magazine words and pictures that speak to you and your relationship.

DIY - Jinga

1. Glue the magazine clippings to the box in a fun way. Feel free to overlap, etc…there’s no wrong placement.

2. Paint the Mod Podge mixture over the top of your finished collage.

3. Paint the wood blocks individually.

4. Let them dry and then write a fun instruction on each block.


A closer look at the details…



It’s summer time so…

*Be playful. Play games*


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