DIY Marbled Table Top


Dear Diary,

I’m pretty proud of myself for my latest Ikea hack… I’ve been completely redoing my place, and sometimes when you’re determined to make something new and fresh and on a budget you get more creative and surpass your own expectations! I took a simple, white Ikea cabinet I bought off of Craigslist and modified it to make it look more expensive, feminine and unique.

I was able to do this cabinet makeover for under $30! Check it out…

 DIY Marble Table Top 



* Marbled Contact Paper

* Scissors

* Hanger

(Or something that can act as a smoother to appy the sticky paper and remove air bubbles. A ruler or anything straight and flat should work fine… I just happened to have a hanger handy :)



1. Measure out the exact amount of contact paper you need to fit the surface area.

2. Cut the paper to fit the measurements.

3. Remove backing of sticky paper.

4. (You’ll need another person to help with this step) Apply contact paper to one side/edge of surface and slowly lay flat across the entire surface. Have the other person pushing the hanger following along as the contact paper is being layed to remove any air bubbles.

(The last step took several trial and errors for me and it finally worked out perfectly when I had an extra set of hands and a hanger to smooth out the paper!)

5. (Optional) Lay a piece of glass over the top.

6. Voila!



I also added ceramic knobs to the center of each door to give the piece even more personality!


1. Measure the exact center of each door.

2. Mark center point with a pencil.

3. Drill a small hole into the mark.

4. Screw in your new knobs!

** Mine are from Anthropologie **

(They have the cutest selection of knobs!)


Then, style out your table top with your favorite candle, coffee table books (I have my photography featured in the displayed book – here!), etc… It’s important to keep your surfaces looking clean, but also showcasing items that make you feel at home and inspired!

Have a good Ikea hack for us?! Share in the comments below…


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  1. Joel Moore says:

    This is such a cute idea! Love it ladies!

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