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Dear Diary,

Valentine’s is just a couple days away! I photographed a boudoir inspired Valentine’s Day shoot last week for DOIE LOUNGE robes featured in Luxe Lounge. I thought it would be fun to create some Valentine’s Day props to add to the shoot, so here are some of the details and how to create the look. Homemade gifts are always best because they’re thoughtful and don’t break the bank, so impress your Valentine this year with some unique DIY details!

…Champagne PIZAZZ Sticks… 


Cut hearts out of sparkly paper and tape them to fun pipe cleaners or kabob skewers…



Twist the champagne flute rims in agave or honey, followed by colored sugar. Too CUTE!

…Cupcake Toppers…


I used my fancy hole puncher to cut out the scalloped edge circles, taped stamped hearts on top and a little ribbon on back. Tape onto a toothpick and stick in your sweets…

…Some of my love notes to my lover…


Scrapbooking mess!

…DIY – Fortune Cookies…

DIY Fortune Cookie!

1. Cut a 3 inch across circle out of felt.

2. Fold in half and sew (preferably in the same color as your material – I will tell you I did this demo in black thread so it would stand out and showcase the “how to” better, however, I may have been too lazy to switch the spool…) around the circle edge, leaving a 1 inch opening on each end.

3. Pinch the open ends together and make a stitch to hold the front of the cookie in place.

4. Cut out thin strips of paper and write little love notes on them to slip in as fortunes.

Valentine's Day Fortunes

…Paper Heart Cards…



Paper hearts cut out of Shakespearean plays – The Greatest Love Stories of All – Sewn onto card stock.

Pssst…I like our LOVE STORY best of all…


Happy Valentine’s Day to all my SFGs! We heart you!



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