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Dear Diary,

Halloween is almost here and I can’t wait to for the festivities to begin!! Witches, ghouls and pretty pumpkin décor…”insert record scratch sound here”. No, I didn’t mistakenly right pretty décor – gosh darn it I mean it! I’m literally seeing Halloween through my rose colored glasses and want everything to have a pink hue. This starts with the decorating of pumpkins; I’ve dressed them up, as pink and pearl frosted donuts. If you can’t eat ‘em, why not paint them and burn a delightfully scented candle?

Three D's

The idea to girlie up my décor is in support of a girl’s pre-party Halloween gathering. Rather than serve blood red cocktails with scary décor, I decided on garden roses and a well-let selfie station. In the social media world we find ourselves today, it’s a pre-event that’s very pinterestable. So, give in already and jump on the pretty Halloween décor bandwagon…starting with these frosted foe-nut pumpkins:)


Here’s what you need:

Tiny beige pumpkins

Painters tape

Pink multi-surface paint

White multi-surface paint

Pearl Blue multi surface paint

         4 pumpkins

Rainbow of colors

Paint brushes

First, clean the pumpkins and dry them- they usually have dirt on them! Then take the painters tape and cut in long pieces.  You will them use the tape strands to create a circle about halfway between the bottom and the top of the pumpkin. This allows you to create a somewhat even division between the “icing” part and the “donut” part of your pumpkin. Then I painted the top half of the pumpkin with the different icing colors – pink, ice blue, and white. Carefully, take the painters tape off and fix any areas that need to be evened out. Wait for your base color to dry, before you start adding the “sprinkles.” Just dash different colors on and have fun!

Donut Pink Single  (1024x683)




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