E!eek… I’m on TV.



Dear Diary,

I was on E! News last night! Whoop whoop.

I got the exciting honor of modeling for a fun celebrity bridal trends segment with Lover.ly through Be Inspired PR. Rocking one of the beautiful boho gowns from Daughters of Simone – acting as the one and only Mary Kate Olsen! (Jude dress – $1,557.00)

Pssst…from ages 7-11 it was my biggest goal in life to be the third Olsen twin. Who knew that could be possible?! Dreams really do come true :) My Momma can attest to my fan girl obsession after waiting in line with me for over four hours at the Spokane Valley Mall to meet Candace Cameron (MK + Ashley were supposed to be there too. What the heck, girls?!) which was definitely not quite as cool, but D.J. Tanner was still worth the wait to get an autograph. Oh wait, that’s right,… I didn’t get an autograph because she was whisked away just as I was nearing her table. I cried. We left. Sad day. True story.

Another true story is that the dress I was originally supposed to wear on E! was the wrong size and ginormous on me. It might as well have been pajamas. Thank goodness I had a backup option, unlike the other girls. Phew… The second dress was a bit intimidating at first because it was a two piece and I wasn’t planning on showing my midriff on National television! (Hey! It’s still technically not bikini season yet…) But it ended up being just the right amount of skin that I wasn’t having nightmare flashbacks of the last week of meals I inhaled. Thank you D.O.S. (Daughters of Simone)

The skirt fit perfectly but the top was a bit big for me, especially under my arms, so again I was in a pickle. Not a lot of time left in the “champagne room” and no sewing kit or safety pins in sight. When in doubt get resourceful! I wasn’t about to go on screen with an unflattering fit so I had to get all MacGyver on it! Two hair bobby pins was all I needed.

Walking off stage, I noticed the back of the host’s dress… Office supplies hung from her like a wall at Office Depot. She was pinned, clamped and cinched into her adorable peach dress. From the front it looked tailor-made, but even the real celebs sometimes have to get creative!

photo 2

photo 1

 I’m right in-between Joel McHale and Giuliana Rancic’s dressing rooms! Ahhhh.

Mary Kate Olsen Inspired celeb wedding dress style - Daughters of Simone - E! News

 Ryan Seacrest, stop photo bombing me…geez.

photo 5

Catt Sadler, announcing our segment. She’s so cute and like a real life Polly Pocket! I just want to take her around with me…

photo 2-2

Watch the clip here…

What’s your favorite celebrity wedding style?


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  1. Michelle Miller says:

    Val, you are an awesome writer! I love your blogs

  2. Michelle Miller says:

    Val, you are an awesome writer! I love your blogs

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