do i have something on face- sfg Jackie

Do I have something on my face?

SFG Jackie too much foodDear Diary,

Does this ever happen to you? You meant to eat just one piece of pie, but instead…

nothing like eating some cake! SFG Jackie

… you leave only a piece?

SFG Jackie cake smile

Do you ever get down on yourself after eating something you feel like you shouldn’t have?  Do you ever feel like chocolate is the enemy?

Well you’re not the only one…

I believe in a balanced diet with no extremes… I like eating what I want, when I want… but the reality is, it’s not that simple.  I might LOVE pizza… but if I ate it every day… I don’t think I’d love the results.  The truth is that looking great is 99% a result of what we put in our bodies.  Now that doesn’t mean I’m going to stick to only salads and proteins, I’m HUMAN, but it’s nice to know that if you have established a pattern of eating well, it will pay off!

This past year I worked hard to get back into a rhythm of healthy eating and exercise after a year of eating poorly.  I had just gone back to graduate school, was overwhelmed with work and responsibilities, and stopped making myself a priority.  This year, I got back on the wagon and started exercising and eating right most of the time…

As a soon to be therapist (graduating school in May ;)), I thought it was about time to share some of my wisdom…

The other Thursday, I was motivated, inspired, dare I say… optimistic!  I was feeling great about myself; about my decisions and the life-path I was on… “I’m totally in control,” I said to myself… I was eating well, and indulging when I wanted.  I was in a very positive mood; a perfect way to start my weekend.  The next morning I was rushing to work, and when backing out of my spot, I by accidentally banged into the car parallel parked behind me.

The PERFECT way to start my day, right?  I was mortified.

Not only did I make a stupid mistake that could cost me money I didn’t have, but I was terrified about what the car owner’s reaction would be… are they going to yell at me?  Will they be understanding?  The fear was overwhelming… but I knew what I had to do… I checked the car for damages and left a note with my information for the owner to call me.  Now I should add that fortunately when I checked the car, I did not see any damages; the bumper was not even scratched!  But that didn’t mean the owner would agree with me…

To make a long story short… this tiny event ruined my entire day.  I felt terrible about myself, and sadly by the end of the day, my boyfriend found me sitting in the dark, eating a jug of nutella, while watching a Law & Order SVU marathon as punishment to me and my body for my terrible mistake.  At this point I should mention that the driver never called.  The mistake, in reality, could have been  A LOT worse.  It’s a lesson to remind ourselves to SLOW down, pay attention… and also to remember that we’re human and we’re going to make mistakes.

drunk on dessert

It took me days to get out of my nutella-coma before I realized that this self-punishment I like to call emotional eating… wasn’t working for me anymore.  I have better coping mechanisms… life is about CHOICES… feeling sad?  Go for a run!  Hang with friends!  Don’t sit by yourself and eat the whole pint of ice cream damn it!   Wait until you actually want the ice cream… trust me, you’ll enjoy it a lot more if you’re happy.

the moral of the story is… I have no wisdom, I’m completely NOT in control sometimes… and that’s okay!  The important thing is to keep moving forward…

YUMMT sfg jackie

I have to eat chocolate (in some form) every day… it’s a great end to my dinner.  Sometimes it’s ice cream, some times just a piece of chocolate, sometimes chocolate milk… (I’m 26 going on 6…)

SFG Jackie laughing through cake

it’s easy to punish ourselves with food… and it’s even harder to get yourself out of the funk… just remember you always have a choice.  You want the cake– eat the damn cake!  But don’t think that you’ll enjoy it more by eating the whole thing (psssst… a piece of cake tastes just as good as the entire cake)…

Okay, worst case scenario, like me, you eat the whole pie… don’t beat yourself up.  I swear, one day of overdoing it won’t ruin a pattern of positive habits.  It’s all about attitude…   food is too good SFG Jackie

not to sound like a L’oreal commercial… but you’re beautiful and worth making positive choices for!  Let’s stop being so critical of ourselves!

so… I fell off the wagon… but I’m back on!  I’m feeling like myself; happy, healthy and in control… and yes, I had chocolate today :) 1 scoop (yes 1) of chocolate gelato to be exact… and it was delicious :)

  eat some cake SFGs

EAT THE CAKE SFG’s… but for the right reasons :)

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  1. Allie says:

    Thank you so much for this post. I haven’t felt this inspired by a body of writing in a while. I have myself struggled with emotional eating for well you know – basically my entire lifetime, and reading this was like reading an explaination of the inner workings of my emotional self. It’s so easy to not think about your eating habits, or get caught up in a cycle of eating emotionally. It is totally a choice to be KIND to yourself and move on and nourish your body. Thank you for the insight and for the positive thoughts.

    • admin says:

      Hi Allie,
      Thanks so much for your kind words! I’m so glad the post inspired you– here’s to us both being kinder to our bodies in 2014!
      – SFG Jackie


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