Engagement times two…


Dear Diary,

Two of my dearest friends and co-founders of my non-profit, SoCal HeARTs, got ENGAGED in the same week! Not to mention our very own SFG, Lauren! So when I say all my friends are getting engaged, married and having babies – I really mean it! Wedding fever is definitely in effect!

It’s cool guys I don’t feel left out or anything… Nope, because guess what?! Just so happens Carlee asked me to be her FLOWER GIRL! And no I’m not kidding. Apparently, twenty years after seven and I’m still not past my prime! Can you say dream come true?! If you read this post you know that’s all I ever wanted growing up and my time has FINALLY come! Step aside babies, you’re about to see the best flower girl EVER!

To get my brides ready for their big day I put together a little survival kit…

Check out this craft explosion!

Monogrammed CHAMPAGNE bottles!


Both of their soon to be last names start with an “S”!

I created a custom logo (free fonts here!) for them and printed them on stickers. They also help cover up the cheap label (Sorry guys! SFG budget)

Trash cans work just fine as gift “baskets” :)


The number system…


Engagement Survival Kit

1. CELEBRATE: Champagne! (duh.)

2. For all the planning stresses: Advil.

3. Wedding day mishaps: Sewing kit.

4. Lots of INSPIRATION: Wedding mags!

5. Other goodies: Water bottle, ring pops, etc…

Survival Kit Tag


All wrapped up in some cellophane and a bow…

Check out my engagement photos with Carlee & Jason featured on Lover.ly! Rustic Inspiration & 70s Glamping (Dad, that’s Glamour + Camping. My Brownie Troop taught me well!)


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  1. Nick Richey says:

    This made me happy to read! I need to see those photos from your uncles wedding

  2. Karen Dahl-Darling says:

    I might just have a few of those wedding photos somewhere. She was shameless!

  3. Karen Dahl-Darling says:

    Oh I forgot to say I think you’re brilliant! I know I’m your mother but you are. xo

  4. Marlana Carter says:

    You’re amazing!

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