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Dear Diary,

I love writing letters and little notes.  Getting mail that doesn’t consist of bills, coupons, or other junk makes me the happiest girl around…It’s very thrilling for me!  In a world dominated by electronics, it’s really become a dying art.

As most of my friends know, (or if you read enough of my posts, you know…) my Glamma is pretty much my idol.  She raised five amazing kids, moved all over the country and the world while her husband was away in the Air Force, all while looking fabulous! While he was away, they wrote each other letters.  My Grandpa passed away a few years back, but my Glamma still has hundreds of those letters, and she loves to read them and tell us, “Your Grandfather sure was in love with me!”  I can’t imagine a more romantic thing than having a personal, hand-written note from the one you love, especially after they’re gone.  What a treasure for her to cherish!  (I think some of them might be a bit racy, because she keeps several of them to herself!  haha.)

On my notes and cards, I love adding a personal touch.  I typically buy plain card stock in bulk (to save money) and then jazz it up.  (Of course I have to add my own flare!)  These cards are great for invites, thank yous, or just because :)


*#2 Pencils

*Ink Pads

*Card Stock


1. Press the eraser into the ink pad (use a new pencil for each color)

2. Use different colored inks to create a fun design (star explosion, hearts, lines of polka dots, swirls, zig-zags, waves, etc…)



*#2 Pencils


*Exacto Knife

*Ink Pads

*Card Stock


1. With your pen draw a little image (ie. star, lips, heart, etc…) onto the eraser

2. Take your exacto knife and cut out the negative spaces of your image

3. Press the eraser into the ink pad and press onto your card stock

Check out my other stamp idea: DIY – Stamp

How cute are they?!  They were newly weds and so in love for 60 years…I think my Glamma looks like Marilyn!

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