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Dear Diary,

Hey SFG’s!  We’re so sorry we haven’t been able to post lately– between labor day weekend adventures and NYFW, we haven’t been able to find the time to write!  But now that fall is officially here– I’m ready to snuggle under a cozy blanket, breathe in the fresh fall air, and sip on some apple cider… Fall is my favorite season; and with fall, comes football!  As many of you already know, I could care less about the sport, but LOVE me some Football Sundays… there’s few things I love more than good friends, cocktails and good food, and football allows for all three!!  Fall Veggie Fries are the perfect snack for the big game, or just a lazy fall afternoon– plus they’re pretty heathy too!  They’re the perfect combination between a “mozzarella stick” and a “french fry” but best part is that they’re baked, not fried; the recipe calls for almond flour instead of wheat flour, and is made of zucchini and squash instead of fatty cheeses and potatoes.

SFG healthy fries

Want to give these a try?  It’s simpler than you think ;)


2 zucchinis

1 squash

almond flour

Italian flavored bread crumbs

nutritional yeast


2 eggs

your favorite dipping sauce (I love aioli, hot sauce, tomato sauce)

veggie fries


  • chop the zucchinis and squash length wise and then once in half to create the “fry” shape
  • put the veggies in a plastic bag and place in the freezer for at least a half an hour to harden
  • then in three separate bowls place: almond flour and salt and pepper (about 1 cup), 2 eggs mixed (ready to coat the veggies), and Italian bread crumbs (about 1 cup) / salt and pepper/ and any other seasonings you like in the last bowl
  • dip the zucchinis and squash in each bowl– starting with the almond flour, then the eggs, and lastly the bread crumb mixture
  • once completely coated, put the zucchinis and squash on a baking rack (this is the best way to make sure they bake crispy and evenly), and bake in the oven at 425 degrees for 20-22 minutes

veggie sticks SFG Diary

Once done, dip, eat and enjoy!

This is delicious, guilt-free snacking at its finest! ;)

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