Fashion For the Heat Wave…


Dear Diary,

My Nordstrom’s shopping cart was all set for checkout: tall boots, chic jackets and wool knee highs.  But then, whoooaaa…Mother Nature seems to have another vision for California’s “fall” with a 100 degree heat wave. While working yesterday, I felt the high temperature slowly drain my personality, till I became an empty shell of life searching for the nearest air-conditioned shelter. I’d be in the middle of doing something, forget my current task and see large bodies of lake in my horizon. Things got weird.

So today, I thought I would better prepare myself for the weather and go with a dress that allowed a lot air flow. Oh hey cut-outs, hey! Cut-outs seem frightening, but they actually break up monochromatic dresses – like the one I’m wearing below  – accentuating curves and making your waist appear smaller.Skinny Fat Girl Diary - LSpace Navy Maxi - Mr C hotel - 07

I’m obsessed with L’Space Maxi’s because they are extremely long. Being 5’11, finding dresses that are long enough can be a real challenge! Best part I can even wear heels.  Judging from the picture below, I’m actually a little shocked myself.

Skinny Fat Girl Diary - LSpace Navy Maxi - Mr C hotel - 05

This weekend should have prepared me for the week ahead, we were up North for Lauren Conrad’s wedding and rented a house. This said house, didn’t have air conditioning. This “mistake” will never be made again in my life, especially when trying to create sleek hair. In the end, my curls won out after I started to feel light-headed while trying to blow dry my hair in the bathroom.

Skinny Fat Girl Diary - LSpace Navy Maxi - Mr C hotel - 06

Back to the fashion at hand…the heat makes me ramble… Halter maxi dresses that are more flattering for your chest and highlight your shoulders…When a heat wave, go with the fashion that makes you look great while “glowing.” :)

Skinny Fat Girl Diary - LSpace Navy Maxi - Mr C hotel - 19

I also found Jackie’s coconut coffee float recipe to be a life saver… Any other cool down tips, let us know. Today is going to be a hot one…

Maxi Dress: L*Space


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