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Dear Diary,

While standing in line at the grocery store, I was taken aback by the Vogue Cover of Lena Dunham. She looks quirky, beautiful and most importantly relatable. Like some of us, Lena will never achieve the Kardashian’s look of perfection– smokey eyes, skin-tight dresses and 4 inch heels. And frankly, neither will I, that look just isn’t realistic in my world on a daily basis. So, when I looked in my closet today, I was inspired by Lena’s mismatched Burberry Prorsum outfit. Though mine may never bare the same high ticket label, why not put on something comfortable, casual and chic?

Lena Duham face

If you haven’t seen Lena’s cover, I’m guessing you are using smoke signals and doves to send messages over long distances. Dunham’s rockin’ a heart patterned collared shirt that is adorable! I absolutely love collared shirts because they can be worn for any occasion: work, ladies night or  a night out. They can do no wrong! Today, I’m wearing one with horseshoes on it. What can say I’m into the fun patterns and I need some extra luck with my wedding less than 8 weeks away! Yikes!

Suede Boots

Suede Boots Better Photo

Express Skinny Jeans

Another thing that I’m absolutely obsessed with, is the mismatched pattern combos hitting the runways. So I tried something different by throwing this patterned scarf with my outfit. It brings out the tan in the boots and adds a little something to a casual outfit.

banana Republic Outfit

 Banana Republic Lucky Horse Shirt

Find your favorite collared shirt here.

Anthropolgy Scarf


Now that this post is finished…it’s time to catch up on Season 3 of Girls.


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