Dear Diary,

Dressing up can be really fun… but to be honest, most days I’m a-roll-out-of-bed type of girl.  It takes too much energy to worry about what I’m wearing every day– and if I was one to coordinate every outfit– it would exhaust all the fun out of fashion!  So thank goodness for STYLEMINT!  An online fashionista site created by none other than my favorite set of twins:  Mary Kate  & Ashley Olsen.  I’m not ashamed to say that my love for the Olsen twins has never faded… I’ve been  a member of their fan club since I was 8 years old… and to this day I am still an admirer!  For years, my sleepover routine consisted of boy talk & icecream, followed by my go-to favorite film “Passport to Paris.”  How they haven’t won Oscars yet is beyond me…:)  Those two girls have always had style; so when this high-end but low-cost line came out– I couldn’t wait to check it out!

STYLEMINT has an array of different styles to choose from– with new shirts and styles available every month!  Every shirt is $29.00 only!  Which makes any girl feel like she can hop on the new trend train with out breaking her budget… and the best part of all– no store necessary… you can check it out with just a click of a button!  Oh how a simple gal just loves the convenience of online shopping!!!!

I couldn’t possibly photograph all the shirts I have from STYLEMINT but I’ve definitely compiled a large collection since I became a member.  Each shirt has a high-end, tailored look; and it’s a good feeling to know your outfit is Olsen Twin approved…  Celebs from Rachel Bilson to model Kate Moss have been spotted wearing the relaxed line as well– so you know you’re in good company. :)



I love this lace top– it’s simple and elegant!  Dress it up or down!

IMG_8122 (2)

 Simple striped shirt… ‘nough said.


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