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Dear Diary,

Apparently #ShedFortheWed is trending…or at least in my mind! The team for South Beach Diet heard my cries and sent this SFG a diet starter kit. Its chalk full of snacks to help you curb your hunger and lots of discounts for their South Beach Living Food. The best part, I’m not the only one that gets to kick-start my weight-loss journey – you can also get a free starter kit- TODAY! Just follow this link

The South Beach Diet has been around for some time now, but I’ll admit I’ve never tried it… Weird, because dieting feels like one of my hobbies. It’s what cross-stitching is to Valorie, as cooking is to Jackie – food nutrition is my thing – obsession if you will.

However, before I dive into any diet, I always do research. So a little background on the South Beach Diet. It’s largely based on the glycemic index, which measures how quickly your blood sugar rises after eating certain foods.  The diet favors foods that have lower glycemic indexes, believing these foods are broken down slower, keeping you full longer. For example it’s better to eat a yam than potato chips.  The SBD plan really emphasizes eating complex carbs, good fats and staying away from processed food. Now that’s a mantra I can live by!

Now to the fun part, goodies! Snacking is a big part of my life…I never eat big meals because they make me  tired. So, the starter kit with different types of snacks to try is definitely a plus for me – bars, shakes and discounts are included! Oh my!

Please share any of your experiences with the South Beach Diet, I would love to hear if it’s working for you #shedforthewed #shedfor2014.





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  1. Vanessa says:

    Awwww i went to get one and they said they gave them all away :( sounds cool tho!

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