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Dear Diary,

Eeek! Last weekend was ridiculously fun, but also all sorts of crazy. We got the opportunity to go to the Oscar gifting suites and my boyfriend and I went to The Mindy Project wrap party! So much fun, right?! Right! Although, it’s cool opportunities like these that my inner SFG comes out and something awkward is inevitable to happen to me. That and I sometimes act like I lived through the Great Depression; hoarding any freebies and being the first in line for anything food related. I would hope people find it refreshing? Mid bite of my juicy burger when the cool kids come over to talk… Oh hello, don’t mind the onions in my teeth and grease dripping down my chin. I’ll be at the buffet if you need me… A girls gotta eat!

Plus, my constant daily struggle – what to wear? Anytime we go to a fun industry event like this I always want a fun new outfit to rock, however, my bank account doesn’t always allow that. So I force myself to face the usual and rethink how to wear it. (A couple episodes of Project Runway and you’ll feel like a designer! Or you’ll just cut up your entire closet. Beware, this has happened to me.)

I decided to go with this puppy that I got awhile back at a consignment shop on Melrose called, Wasteland. If you don’t know it you should. I loved the fabric and color so I got it, but never really figured out how it was supposed to hang. Most of my belt options didn’t seem to work and the neckline didn’t seem flattering on me. Buyers remorse starts setting in…

 This can’t be right…?!


 What was I thinking? How am I going to make this work?


My solution?


Hmmm this random chain from my old purse is sorta cool… OMG it fits! I also felt like this could work in self defense too, you never know who you might run into when you’re in downtown LA.


The neckline was meant to be buttoned up and act more like a turtleneck, but I wasn’t digging it so I double stick taped the buttons down and left the back unzipped a bit for a more open look. My hair covered it up perfectly and I just crossed my fingers it stayed put.

4Y5A3176 4Y5A3179

 My new cowl-neckline!


 The final look!

Pssst… these photos were taken the day after and I basically face planted onto the carpet entryway when we got in that night, so needless to say this was day #2 hair + makeup and I’m pretty sure my fake lashes are still stuck to the rug. And by pretty sure, I mean they are. I saw them and freaked out thinking it was some sort of unidentified critter living in our home! Right next to the second gift bag I made Tommy sneak out of the party (they weren’t for boys). Oops. Sorry, Mindy. #hoarders #hesmetro

Are you bored with your wardrobe? Tell us about it and maybe we’ll be able to help problem solve! Think outside the box and pair new things together!


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