[Bridesmaid/Prom] Hair How-To!


Dear Diary,

I’m constantly looking for new tricks to cover up my day 2 hair. Hats, dry shampoo, slicked-back pony… So as you can imagine french braiding the front of my hair isn’t anything new to me. However, the last step made the look into something completely new and fresh…   Instead of writing it all out, I figured I’d show you in real life! Check out my vid! I think the quality is slightly better than my first hair tutorial way back when… haha.

Front Braid Tutorial - bridesmaid, prom

I’m better on other people! Here are some of the models I worked this look on…


Abby’s (above) version is more polished and sophisticated.

Marlana’s (below) version is more fun and flirty! The key is pulling the braid down onto your forehead and tugging different pieces of the braid to create a messier uneven look.


Photos: Valorie Darling Photography


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