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Dear Diary,

I recently moved into my first “adult apartment.”  At almost 25, I can no longer deny that I’m an adult… even though I still feel like an adult in training… Whether I’m a real grown-up or not is still up for debate… but one thing is certain… my tastes have definitely matured since my college days and I was excited to move into an apartment that could reflect that change!

This is my first real apartment as a WO-MAN… I’m no longer that college girl with the unmatched bold prints and sequin pillow…  This apartment is going to have taste and elegance, yet still maintain that fun and youthful vibe… this new place is my chance to do me, to reflect my style and my personality… oh wait, did I mention my boyfriend lives here too… haha so okay, maybe this apartment won’t completely reflect me but I’m willing to compromise.  :)  Unfortunately though, this vision has yet another obstacle… my budget.  How am I supposed to mix my boyfriends great taste with my sophisticated young adult Jackie taste when all of my furniture is hand-me-downs?  I know!

A furniture face-lift!

Painting your furniture a new color brings life to old items and is sometimes the perfect change you need when you’re craving a new look.  This nightstand cost me ZERO DOLLARS.  When my boss was getting rid of some of her old items she passed it along to me… and although the colors were more the taste of a 5 year old… the nightstand is actually a beautiful piece of furniture!  By fixing the color, painting it black to match the rest of my “adult” furniture, it makes all the difference!  What’s nice to know is that this classic piece will continue to grow with me… in the future I can paint the nightstand again and again to reflect new phases in my life… and it will act as the perfect accent piece for any room… a living room, guest room, sun room… kids room… AHHH but once again we’re talking about the distant, DISTANT future… come on, I’m a YOUNG adult… I’ve got time! :)


–  SFG Jackie

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